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The 51st State: Can the Indigenous People of Oklahoma Support Kevin Stitt?

No, of course not. This was finally proven this past weekend when the leaders of the three biggest tribes in Oklahoma—the Cherokee, the Muscogee, and, my tribe, the Choctaw—stood up for themselves, their constituents, and their state, by opposing Gov. Kevin Stitt’s run for re-election.

I wonder what rights he’ll take away this week in his latest temper tantrum?

This severe blow to Stitt’s campaign was met with, well, paperwork that hearkened back to a time when Natives tolerated Stitt. Apparently, his team sent research from last year that showed, according to a poll of 500 likely voters, Stitt had support of 63% of Native American voters, even if that means the “Native American voters” that live in Stitt’s house.

From the Oklahoman:

“Governor Stitt took an oath to uphold the laws of the state of Oklahoma and will never stop demanding fairness for all 4 million Oklahomans and equal protection under the law," Stitt spokesman Charlie Hannema said in a statement. "He will fight tooth and nail to protect Oklahoma’s sovereignty and will not give an inch as long as he is governor.”

Let Stitt do what he wants because, honestly, they’ll just get switched back by the next governor, one that truly recognizes the importance of the Tribes in Oklahoma politics and, even better, might actually be proud of their own Indigenous heritage…but I’m getting ahead of myself. Remember where you are, Louis!

Still, I want to provide both sides of the story; it got me to thinking about some of the good things that Stitt has done for the Indigenous tribes of Oklahoma. But, even as a joke, I can’t think of anything; the suspension of disbelief is far too great, even for a comical listicle. When someone stoops so low as to take away your people’s right to mere hunting and fishing licenses, what else can they legally do?

Besides, of course, fine and arrest us for that unlawful act, as Stitt apparently threatened at a civic meeting in Enid this past week. I’d like to see him try; the only time he’ll get that delicious catfish from me is when he pries from my cold, dead hands!

It’s not only Stitt though, as his cronies—including Attorney General John O’Connor—want Indigenous people to sit down and shut up too, with erotically paranoid fantasies of bare-chested Natives riding over the hill to fulfill the wives of those brave white Oklahoma men that, probably, don’t perform cunnilingus.

From the Oklahoman:

The newspaper also reported O'Connor said tribes “are trying to take over the eastern half of our state” and that with the McGirt decision, the U.S. Supreme Court had created a “51st state.” He also said he believes tribal leaders feel differently about the case than their citizens. 

 Same Stitt, different day, I guess.


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