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Rabbit Food: The Famed Eats of Bunny’s Onion Burgers

As my abbreviated journey through Oklahoma City’s hamburger culture continued to bloat on, I had finally made my way down to NW 50th and then over a little bit to 5020 N. Meridian and the once-famous Bunny’s Onion Burgers, known for, what else, their once-famous onion burgers.

I ate here once many years ago and I remember liking it very much; sadly, I don’t remember much else. It’s kind of funny though: Bunny’s, some twenty or so years ago, was the type of Oklahoma City establishment you heard about all the time; now, however, it’s not really mentioned by anyone except the city’s old-timers, shut out of the far-hipper places in town.

I’m right there with you, grandpa.

Regardless, this eatery was high up on my list to try—or retry, I guess—and quite honestly, had been for quite a while. In the same shack-like location that’s been around since I was a teenager, I walked through the door only to find the same black and white linoleum as that dining memory came rushing back; good to know some things aren’t lost.

My friend and I ordered a couple of burgers to dine on that evening, mine being a classic onion burger—a Number Six ($8.75), if you’re interested—that quickly came to the table, taking up much of the basket also containing a handful of precious onion strings. Before the waitress could even set it down, I reached in for a taste of that famous burger; it still ranks right up there with some of the best in Oklahoma.

The plump buns desperately housed the moist and meaty surprise, which contained all the basics: pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, bacon and, of course, an overflow of grilled onions that begged you to hurriedly swallow them down like they were strings of aromatic spaghetti, something that I willingly did with a slurp and a burp.

But, as I soon discovered, it wasn’t the best burger on the menu; that no-prize goes to my friend and her remarkable order of the Double Patty Melt ($9.50) with a decent handful of hand-cut French fries on the side. Spilling over in all the right ways, the pickles and grilled onions on the thick Texas toast was matched by the two patties that needed no introduction.

As much as I adored their onion burger, I flagrantly loved this one so much more. Heavy on the meat and even heavier on the onions—as most things are here, thankfully—they were grilled together in a state of Godly perfection, the flavors mingling evenly to create what is one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever had in Oklahoma City.

But, to be fair, I might need another one to make sure.


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