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Oklahoma Wind Shows World’s Tallest Christmas Trees Who’s Boss

The Oklahoma Weather Gods have officially declared war on Christmas.

Over the weekend, the World's Largest Christmas Tree was damaged in Enid after ba humbug winds ripped off a 27-foot section from the top of the tree, putting a hazardous dent into the Christmas dreams and wishes of people in Western Oklahoma.

Here are details via

Officials in Enid say the world’s largest tree will continue to shine bright, even after suffering damage.

In October, the world’s tallest Christmas tree arrived in Enid after making the 1,800 mile trek from northern California.

“The White House has a 35-foot tree, Rockefeller center has a 75-foot tree, why shouldn’t we have a 140-foot tree in Enid, Oklahoma?!” said Enid Mayor George Pankonin.

"Why shouldn’t we have a 140-foot tree in Enid, Oklahoma?!" Well, I guess we know the answer to that stupid question.

Here's a pic of the damaged tree:

The dumb decision to place the "World's Tallest Christmas Tree" in a place where wind has been immortalized in songs, movies and storm chaser dashcam videos was made by a group called One Enid. They wanted to use the tree to remind people that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Yep, they named the tree Christ Tree. That makes sense. Nothing screams Jesus is the reason for the season more than installing an excessive and extravagant Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere, using money that would have been better spent feeding the hungry or housing the homeless. It kind of makes you wonder who was really behind the high winds that took the top of the tree down.

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