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Song Sung Blu: Having Brunch at Blu’s Fine Wine and Food in Norman

Brunch is one of those invented mealtimes that wasn’t made for someone like me. Typically, it’s forced upon you, where you’re surrounded with people that you can’t stand, and, of course, the food is usually good but never great, all for a price that is far above your typical meal, and that’s before the extraneous alcohol, if you’re into that.

And I wonder why I’m never invited out.

That has almost always been my worldview and, to be fair, it’s never let me down. But I found a place in Norman that does a good job of keeping the Sunday morning attitude—and price—to a bare minimum, offering a slightly more Latin menu for the odd hours that the breakfast/lunch hybrid has been known to cater to: Blu Fine Wine and Food, 201 S. Crawford.

My friend and I arrived there sometime around eleven or so. I was surprised to find the place somewhat filled with more people my age as opposed to the college kids that I had heavily expected; as we took our seats on the newly constructed wood patio, I ordered a virgin Bloody Mary, although I guess I could have ordered some tomato juice with a spike of Worchester sauce in it.

Even though cooler weather had settled in, it was still objectively nice that morning, the kind that I had missed over the past few summer months. There’s nothing worse than wiping your brow in the morning, especially when you’re sitting outside on a weekend morning, about to eat a carb-heavy meal; I’ve done that so many times and suffered for it.

My friend ordered the Cure ($12.00), sadly not named after one of my favorite bands but, instead, for hangovers; in fact, it comes with a “bag” of Miller High Life, which we had assumed was literally beer in a bag. After some clarification however, they meant in a paper bag, which they were out of, so I guess it really didn’t make a difference anyway.

Regardless, the Cure was a tempestuous mixture of potato hash, bacon, mushrooms, and melted cheddar over two well-done eggs, served in a small cast-iron skillet that truly added to the overall ambiance of Blu’s ability to make this meal something more than your basic breakfast; I can attest that it truly is. The Miller is, I have to admit, a nice bonus.

But, as for someone like me, I ordered the far-more plate-based Holy Mole ($10.00), featuring a pair of mole-drenched enchiladas, covered with a salsa-topped pair of equally well-done eggs, with a scoop of black beans on the side; there was no beer to be had here, but my alcohol-free tomato drink covered all the pretentious liquids I needed on any Sunday morning.

Even though the beans were dryer than I would have liked, the enchiladas, especially after the eggs had been sliced, allowing the yellow membranes to spill all over the top, were a wonderful way to wake up, especially when I added a number of hot sauce drops for a bit of extra heat—perhaps a few more than I needed, but it worked for me.

And while I will always have these horribly preconceived notions about the institution of brunch and those that undeniably follow it, usually to the absolute letter, I have to admit that I did enjoy Blu’s variation of it, mostly due to the lonely quietness that I experienced on that patio and, to be honest, the blissfully low prices that allowed me to enjoy myself.

Song sung Blu, now everybody’s got one.


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