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Tiger King 2 Promises to Be the Purest Example of Oklahoma Trash!

While many people might think of Oklahomans as mainly backwoods trash because of all the hard work Governor Kevin Stitt and his crew have done to reinforce that grimy idea, along comes Netflix to remind everyone that not only is Joe “Tiger King” Exotic from here, but there’s a whole garbage truck of mentally-defecated sycophants he’s brought with along for the ride!

Premiering on November 17th, it’s the latest in the wholly pathetic Tiger King saga, appropriately called Tiger King 2.

In case you’re wondering where else they could do, here’s a two-minute trailer from Netflix:

While Exotic’s own chaotic rants and idiotic accusations seem to be delivered from behind bars, the real stars of this sequel are former GW Zoo owner Jeff Lowe—who seems like he’s about to have a threesome when he’s not chilling at Kong’s in Midtown—and rival big cat owner Carole Baskin—who seems like she’s hiding a dead husband somewhere in the ocean, a torrid theory that, somehow, is not as bad as anything Lowe has done.

There’s also some fat dude in a tight t-shirt with scantily clad ladies around him, but let’s be honest and just call him “human filler.”

I’m sure that there’s plenty in the series that they’re not showing you in the trailer, but I sincerely do hope that Baskin’s stint on Dancing with the Stars is fully highlighted, as is Lowe’s late-night stroke at an Oklahoma casino, which is the one and only trait that I’ll hopefully ever share with him, although, if I’m being honest, that threesome didn’t look all that bad. Some guys have all the luck, I guess.

While the series will undoubtedly make for controversial Thanksgiving viewing—rotting Walmart meat is on me, folks—honestly, I hope that Baskin will put the zoos pizzeria on the chopping block, if only so I can finally head down there to investigate visit it for the first, and hopefully, last time.

But, if I go and you don’t hear from me after a week, check the tiger cages for my bones and then immediately alert directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chalklin, if only for a capper to the trilogy.


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