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TLO Restaurant Review: Theopolis Social Club

With a name like Theopolis, honestly, I was expecting a Greek restaurant. As I was picturing a quiet evening of hummus, falafel and, of course, gyros, as I took a comfortable seat near the window and looked over their menu, I was thoroughly surprised to see, instead, a single page full of the most comfortable sounding comfort foods.

Located at 419 E. Main in Shawnee, my friend and I sat in the beautifully decorated front of house as the friendly waitperson not only took our order, but had numerous conversations with us about her life, something that was both welcomed and hospitable. However, as our orders were given, we decided to sit outside in the wonderfully sanctioned patio off to the side, wanting to take advantage of the nice weather.

And, man, did it feel good.

Even better though was our starter. Now there are very few things I like as much as goat cheese, so when I saw the Caprino ($12.00) offered a more than a healthy amount of it, of course I ordered it. With two scoops of over-baked truffled goat cheese over a nut-free house pesto with confit tomatoes and onions, they’re served ready to dip with a surrounding ring of toast points for all to enjoy. Or at least me.

And I was indubitably impressed! As the wonderfully pungent cheese and pesto was stirred around by the toast, I created the perfect portion with each bready scoop, the bits of flaccid vegetables laying along the top, just waiting to be eaten. But, really, it’s the unequivocal goat cheese that made this one of my new favorite appetizers, a form of the creamiest death and the tastiest rebirth.

I was still alive and gratefully so, as I had the unequivocally large Shawnee Cheesesteak ($15.00) to devour next. Named after the city we were currently in, it featured the tenderest of ribeye steaks, sliced up and topped with caramelized peppers and onions, provolone cheese and served on the freshest of hoagie rolls, alongside some hand-cut fries and, what I’m guessing, is a homemade spicy ketchup, to taste.

And I was indubitably double-impressed! Theopolis took the routinely likeable but likably routine cheesesteak and turned it into a man-monster of meat-treats, so impeccably slathered and perfectly spiced that the cheese and peppers acted more like a wholly unnecessary bonus than a part of the actual recipe. As they came together on my tongue, I felt like a virgin, touched for the very first time.

Additionally, the fries were well-dressed with that superb ketchup that I truly wish could be bottled and sold on shelves, delivering a much-needed spice that wasn’t overpowering, only mouth-watering.

We sat there a few more minutes, talking to the delightful server, actually enjoying the restaurant itself. As I packed up the remaining leftovers in the supplied box, I told my friend that I hope that Theopolis not only makes it, but Shawnee and all points beyond give it a more than welcomed try. Cómpralo ya!

(Editor's Note: We host Free Team Trivia at Theopolis on the first and third Thursday of each month. If you're in the area, stop by and enjoy a fun night out!)


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