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Report: Canadian County Sheriff still loves stealing from people…

Someone better gather up the Canadian County's Sheriff's Posse! It's finally time for them to "aid in safeguarding lives and property, as well as the constitutional rights of innocent law-abiding citizens."

According to a report by NBC News, a pair of New Mexico "businessmen" were robbed of over $100,000 by an armed crew of highwaymen that have been seen cruising Canadian County roads at night, taking advantage of innocent and unsuspecting motorists as if they're above the law.

Here are the details via NBC News:

A pair of New Mexico businessmen were driving along Interstate 40 in Oklahoma late one night in April when a sheriff’s deputy flipped on his lights and sirens and pulled over their BMW sedan.

The two men, Nang Thai and Weichuan Liu, were on their way to a hotel in Oklahoma City. They planned to catch some sleep before heading out in the morning to close on a 10-acre plot of farmland they’d agreed to buy for $100,000.

But now, at about 2 a.m. on April 19, a Canadian County sheriff’s deputy was peering into their car.

Oh. So I guess the Canadian County Sheriff is the ringleader of this clandestine operation. I guess his posse won't be a lot of help on this one!

Either way, let's continue:

“We didn’t understand why he pulled us over,” said Thai, 51, a Vietnamese immigrant and father of two from Albuquerque. “I was driving under the speed limit.”

They had no way of knowing at the time but Thai and Liu were about to begin an hourslong ordeal that would leave them stripped of all their cash and searching for answers. Their experience highlights the controversial law enforcement practice known as civil asset forfeiture, in which police can confiscate a person’s cash or other property even without bringing criminal charges.

Yep, the Vietnamese immigrants driving through Oklahoma late at night under the speed limit in a BMW with out-of-state tags don't understand why a deputy who works for a guy who stormed the Capitol during the attempted insurrection would pull them over. I guess they've never heard of the real Oklahoma Standard!

Even though Nang and Weichuan weren't breaking any laws, the Sheriff's Department decided to keep their $100K+. They did this because the Canadian County sheriff's department is crooked, and also totally protected by Oklahoma's insane, "How is this even legal?" asset forfeiture laws.

The deputy asked the two men for their licenses, where they were going and whether they were carrying any money, according to Thai.

They had a large amount of cash in the vehicle: more than $100,000, which Thai says they brought to pay for the property. Thai — who speaks English with a heavy accent (Liu speaks very little English at all) — told the officer they were headed to a hotel and, yes, had cash on them.

The deputy said he suspected they were involved in “illegal activity,” according to Thai. A criminal background search would have turned up a 2017 conviction against Liu for growing marijuana in California.

After a second officer arrived at the scene, the men were driven to a police station and interrogated for hours. Deputies emptied a backpack and suitcase full of cash, then pulled apart the inside of the BMW but apparently turned up no guns, drugs or any other illicit items.

Thai said he told his interrogators they had saved up the money for years and were planning to use the land for farming but hadn’t yet determined which crops to raise.

Listen, I think it's total bullshit that Oklahoma cops stole from these guys, but really? Two immigrants who live out-of-state arrive in Oklahoma with $100,000-cash in the middle night to buy farmland, and they're claiming they haven't determined which crops to raise???

I don't blame the Sherrif and his staff for rolling their eyes at that one, especially when one of the guys has this on his record:

Lang was arrested in June 2017 after police found more than 600 marijuana plants at a house he was staying in with two others in Stockton, Calif. Liu, now 45, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of cultivating marijuana and served 30 days in the county jail, said a spokeswoman for the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office.

They should have been at least halfway honest with the Sherrif and said he wanted to grow hemp!

That being said, whether the guys wanted to grow alfalfa or Super Lemon Haze, law enforcement shouldn't have the right to confiscate someone's cash and assets just because they think you're committing a crime. You'd think that would totally contradict the 4th Amendment that protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government, but in an anti-freedom state like Oklahoma, it somehow doesn't.

Anyway, you can read the entire article over at Someday, maybe our conservative, libertarian-lite lawmakers who are obsessed with protecting our individual liberties from the greedy hands of a crooked and overreaching government will show some balls, stand up to our law enforcement complex, and reform Oklahoma's civil asset forfeiture.

Just kidding. That will never happen. Unlike those New Mexico businessmen who had no clue what crop they wanted to grow, I know all about the Oklahoma Standard and the hypocrisy it brings.

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