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It’s Boozy Bear Week at Lost Ogle Trivia & Bingo!

We have some beary good news to announce!

All week long, we're giving away a free Boozy Bear – the teddy bear with a hidden 750 mL insulated bottle inside – at all Lost Ogle Trivia and Bingo Events!

An excellent conversation starter, Boozy Bear is a 2-in-1 stuffed animal and stainless-steel flask that helps keep your drinks ice cold while putting more than a few smiles on peoples’ faces. They can be a fun and silly companion for a fun night out with friends, or the perfect cuddle buddy for those lonely nights alone when you should be out playing Lost Ogle Trivia or Bingo.

Here are some more details about Boozy Bear:

Insulated Steel Flask. Boozy Bear comes equipped with a vacuum-sealed steel bottle that helps retain drink temperatures for hours to ensure you arrive at the party with an ice-cold drink ready to go.

Washable Bear Fabric. Spills can sometimes get out of hand when the party gets going. That’s why Boozy Bear is machine wash safe, so you can get out those stains or harsh odors.

Quick Tip and Pour. You don’t have to remove the stainless-steel bottle to pour your drinks! Simply tip it forward or to the side and get your cup or shot glass ready.

As we mentioned, we're giving away one Boozy Bear – a $37.99 value – at each Lost Ogle Bar event this week. Here's our schedule.

Free Team Trivia: 

Monday: Bar Cicchetti @ 8pm
Tuesday: Fassler Hall @ 8pm | Solo's Park & Pub @ 7pm
Wednesday: Cock O' The Walk @ 8pm | Buffalo Wild Wings (Norman) @ 7pm
Thursday: Anthem Brewing @ 7pm | Mack & Ike's (Guthrie) @ 8pm
Friday: Buffalo Wild Wings @ 9pm (NW Expressway)

Jackpot Bingo:

Monday: Fassler Hall @ 8pm
Tuesday: Cock O Walk @ 7pm
Thursday: Solo's Park & Pub @ 7pm

Mix-Tape Music Bingo:

Tuesday: Anthem @ 7pm

If you're still reading this, we hope to see you this week. Best of luck!

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