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Jackson Lahmeyer violates campaign finance laws…

Wackson-Jackson Lahmeyer's emulation of Donald Trump is starting to go too far!

Last week, The Norman Transcript reported that the aspiring alt-right US Senate candidate recently violated some campaign finance laws. Surprisingly, none of them have to do with him peddling vaccine exemption cards in exchange for tax-free "donations" to his campai... errrr.... church.

Here are the details via The Transcript:

Oklahoma’s far-right Senate candidate Jackson Lahmeyer allegedly broke numerous Federal Election Commission regulations in his campaign’s July quarterly report and failed to respond to the commission’s request for additional information by Monday’s deadline.

According to the commission’s request for additional information letter, sent to the Lahmeyer campaign on Aug. 23, the campaign violated three regulations in its July report: people donating more than the allowed amount of $2,900, receipt of cash contributions that exceed the $100 limit and incomplete identification of contributors who donated more than $200.

The independent commission gave Lahmeyer’s campaign until Sept. 27 to respond, or face possible enforcement. The campaign did not respond by Monday

Geeze, that's embarrassing. You'd think a moral Christian man like Jackson Lahmeyer would go out of his way to make sure he's running a fair and honorable campaign that complies with his state's laws. Obviously, this means the all-mighty and powerful God must have commanded Lahmeyer to violate those laws that God himself created. You know, in an effort to take down the deep state or something.

Then again, maybe it was just an honest mistake made by the rubes who are running his campaign:

Preston Smith, treasurer for Lahmeyer for Senate Inc., said Tuesday he had asked the campaign about the report but had not received it yet. Smith said the reports are compiled by campaign manager John Killian’s wife, and he checks them for compliance before submitting them to the commission.

Killian said he was unaware there was a deadline on filing the response to the commission until The Transcript asked questions Tuesday about why it was not submitted by the deadline.

Yep, Lahmeyer's campaign manager's wife – someone who I'm sure is overly qualified to handle the administrative work for a US Senate campaign – didn't compile the right reports. I guess those people who said Lahmeyer was crazy for hiring an incompetent church-bro with no political experience to run his campaign had a point.

Kind of like serving in the US Senate, I guess there's more that goes into a political campaign than just pandering to insurrectionists, theocrats and other alt-right groups on social media, and then selling them merchandise at their rallies. This may be difficult for a profiteer like Lahamyer to believe, but there are actual rules and regulations and guidelines you have to follow when you serve as an elected official.

Our current– and more competent – right-wing evangelical US Senator knows this well:

The commission also sent incumbent Sen. James Lankford a letter detailing an alleged violation — in his case, receiving more than the allotted amount in contributions from a PAC — on his April quarterly report.

Lankford’s campaign promptly corrected the violation, responding the next day to tell the FEC that the “contribution from Let’’s Get To Work PAC was posted under the wrong Committee ID number,” and that the “information has been corrected on this report.”

Anyway, we're still about nine months away from the primary election, so there's still a lot of time left for the rubes running Lahmeyer's campaign to break more laws. It will be interesting to see what screw-up happens next. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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