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Lawmaker Aims To Boost Oklahoma Gun Silencer Industry…

10:35 AM EDT on September 30, 2021

Hello darkness, my old friend! I've come to talk with you again because the nutjobs in the Oklahoma legislature want to make it easier for people to own gun silencers.

In case you haven't heard, Sen. Michael Bergstrom, a Derplahoman from Adair, filed an unconstitutional bill that would "exempt gun silencers from federal law and regulations if manufactured and kept within Oklahoma," because you know, the last thing we want to do is regulate devices that make shooting another human a little quieter.

Here are details via KFOR:

An Oklahoma state senator wants to open the free market for the purchase of firearm suppressors, also known as silencers.

Sen. Michael Bergstrom, R-Adair, filed Senate Bill 1098, which seeks to exempt gun silencers from federal law and regulations if manufactured and kept within Oklahoma.

I know this bill is nothing more than a blatant attempt to pander to gun nuts, insurrectionists, anti-vaxxers and all the other Oklahoma Republicans who fantasize about a violent overthrow of the United States government, but I don't have a huge problem with this.

First of all, as Next Door has taught us, it's really difficult to distinguish the sound of a gunshot from fireworks. At the very least, this bill would take care of those annoying posts, and clear the clutter for people wanting to look at lost dogs, porch pirates and requests for handyman recommendations.

Second, I think it was Oklahoma's own Ackerman McQueen who taught us the only way to stop a bag guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun silencer.

That being said, how exactly will we know the difference between an Oklahoma-made gun silencer and one manufactured out of state? Fortunately, the geniuses in the Oklahoma Legislature have a plan:

Under the would-be law, Oklahomans could legally own a silencer without federal registration requirements, but the silencer must have “Made in Oklahoma” marked on it, according to a State Senate news release.

Yeah, that will really stop the out-of-state gun silencer industry from selling those imposter silencers at Oklahoma gun shows. How will they ever get around that one?

I must admit, I do like the idea of putting the "M.I.O" logo on all Oklahoma-made silencers. It will make a great addition to the M.I.O. gift basket you give to your grandma at Christmas:

"What do we have in here? Griffin's syrup... Shawnee Mills flour and... oh... what's this... a gun silencer. Thanks so much! You're the best grandkids ever."

"Look grandma! It has Head Country bbq sauce, too!

"You all are so sweet!"

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