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Race to unseat James Lankford somehow gets even dumber…

2:14 PM EDT on September 29, 2021

Let the Derpoff begin!

Earlier this week, "hilarious" State Senator Nathan Dahm – a.k.a. "The Bonehead from Broken Arrow" – announced he's tossing his MAGA hat into the ring to challenge James Lankford.

Here's his video announcement that goes super heavy on the cinematic lens flare:

Wow. That's pretty compelling. Sure, it's probably not a good thing that the only person you can get to endorse you in a campaign launch video is your own mother, but what good ole' country boy whose mind has been twisted by religion, grifters and right-wing propaganda wouldn't want to vote for a guy who looks longingly into the distance while praying over the bed of his pickup truck?

Some people are a bit surprised by Dahm's announcement. Lankford already has a maniacal, alt-right insurrectionist Evangelical MAGA-cult fanboy challenger in Jackson "Jezebel" Lahmeyer, so you'd think the best Dahm could do is split that vote. He'll literally have to sell tens of thousands of vaccination exemption cards to even come close to matching Lahmeyer's fundraising efforts!

Either way, Lahmeyer isn't happy that an equally insane Derplahoman from Northeastern Oklahoma may siphon away some of his Evangelical anti-establishment nutjob votes:

In a news release on Tuesday, Lahmeyer “called out Republican Party leaders” for coaxing Dahm into the race to divide the “anti-establishment” vote. That charge came despite the fact that John Bennett, the top leader of the Oklahoma Republican Party, has been backing Lahmeyer against Lankford.

That's hysterical. One of the few issues that Democrats and Republicans at the State Capitol can agree on is a mutual dislike of Nathan Dahm. In Republican circles, he's about as popular as reading a good book! Trust me on this – the only person who coaxed Nathan Dahm to run for US Senate is Nathan Dahm... and maybe his new cross wall wife.

"Do it honey. Do it for me! I'll knit you a new sweater if you win."

Although Lahmeyer is crying foul, Lankford has to be liking it. I bet he's welcoming Dahm into the race like a fresh batch of campers to the Falls Creek Church Camp. It all but assures the incumbent Senator will at least make a runoff again Lahmeyer.

Anyway, I guess we'll follow this derpoff and do our best to properly make fun of it. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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