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Kevin Stitt pleased with new Chancellor higher…

9:20 AM EDT on September 29, 2021

It looks like Dr. Kevin Stitt is putting his new PhD robe to good use!

Last week, Kevin Stitt hopped on Twitter to announce his approval of the Oklahoma Ruling Class's decision to higher someone named Allison Garrett as the new Chancellor of the State Board of Regents:

Geeze, how hi was Kevin Stitt – or Carly Atchinson – win they fyred off that tweet! Also, wear are the double-eye emojis? Isn't that what there supposed too due win the state highers a new woman to a position of power?

Anyway, is it a bit hypocritical for The Lost Ogle – a website littered with typos, misspellings, grammar and punctuation errors, and misplaced apostrophe's – to poke fun at another person's bone-headed typographical screw-up? The answer is "Yes." Fortunately, as Dr. Kevin Stitt and 97% of all Americans demonstrate on a daily basis, hypocrisy doesn't really matter anymore! In fact, if you're not being a judgemental hypocrite in today's day and age, you're probably doing something wrong, Jason.

That being said, Stitt still needs to be careful. As we've learned over the years, it's okay for a politician to tweet a covefe every now and then and get away with it, but it's not a good look to make this type of mistake just days after you get caught moonlighting as PhD at a University event. Even for a rube like our Governor, I accept better.

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