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NY Times puts Oklahoma’s booming abortion industry in national spotlight!

8:04 AM EDT on September 28, 2021

Just like any sad media publication that's dependant on divisive wedge issues to hook in readers and turn a profit, we let you know a few weeks ago that Oklahoma's abortiotourism industry was booming after Texas passed its draconian laws that essentially banned the –at last check – constitutionally protected medical procedure.

With that cat out of the bag, the mainstream national media is now doing their part to exploit the news, and get their clicks and eyeballs, too.

Via The New York Times:

On a windy Tuesday morning, the parking lot outside a small brick building on the Southside of Oklahoma City was filling up fast. The first to arrive, a red truck shortly before 8 a.m., was from Texas. So was the second and the third.

The building houses one of Oklahoma’s four abortion clinics, and at least two-thirds of its scheduled patients now come from Texas. So many, in fact, that it is trying to hire more staff members and doctors to keep up. The increase is the result of a new law in Texas banning abortions after about six weeks, a very early stage of pregnancy. As soon as the measure took effect this month, Texans started traveling elsewhere, and Oklahoma, close to Dallas, has become a major destination.

“We had every line lit up for eight hours straight,” said Jennifer Reince, who works the front desk phones at the clinic, Trust Women Oklahoma City, describing the first week the measure was in force.

Wow! That's kind of wild!

Usually, when Oklahoma makes the New York Times, it's for all the wrong reasons. You know, like when our lawmakers pass draconian laws requiring women to get an invasive ultra-sound and listen to a detailed description of the fetus before getting an abortion.

I must say, it's kind of strange and cool to see us highlighted as a refuge where oppressed women can go to get a (for now) constitutionally protected medical procedure that's essentially banned in a neighboring state. Sadly, Kevin Stitt and our Derplahoman lawmakers are already doing their best to make sure that never happens again:

The situation in Texas may be temporary. A hearing on Oct. 1 will give the law’s opponents another chance to convince a judge to suspend it. But other restrictions are looming. In Oklahoma there are five, including a law that requires abortion providers to be board-certified obstetricians. If it takes effect as scheduled on Nov. 1, four of the eight doctors licensed to work at Trust Women could no longer do so.

Oh well, I guess Oklahoma's run as an abortion tourism hot spot was fun while it lasted.

That being said, the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce should still try to capitalize on this while they can. Since they're a pro-business organization, they should put together a visitors guide for women coming to Oklahoma to get an abortion. You know, a list of museums, restaurants and other places to go as they wait for their appointment. While they're here making a deeply personal decision that the government shouldn't be involved in, we should try to get them to spend as much as possible.

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