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Stitt’s General Counsel Jason Reese having affair with married lobbyist

1:44 PM EDT on September 2, 2021

(Update: three hours after this post was published, Governor Stitt announced that Reese has resigned.)

It's time to resume our role as OKC's most trusted political tabloid!

We have learned via The Ogle Mole Network that Jason Reese – the guy Stitt hired to be his general counsel back in January, and the same dude who infamously filed the porn title "Hot Wife Chloe Needs To Be Punished" on a campaign expense report – recently informed the Governor he's getting divorced after falling love with the married lobbyist he was having an affair with.

The lobbyist in question is Amy Anderson with Kipling Strategies. She apparently took the part about lobbying the Governor's staff a bit too seriously:

Although it wasn't quite as open as the close bond between Oklahoma Commissioner of Health Lance Frye and his underling Jennifer Leperd – more on that one coming soon – I guess the affair wasn't that big of a secret at the capitol.

According to one Ogle Mole, Amy and Jason are both giddy and in love, and they're not being shy about it. That could explain why Amy's husband filed for divorce a couple of days ago:

I know what some of you are thinking right now – "Patrick, are the private sexual lives of consenting adults really news? Why are you doing this?"

Well, Internet person who eagerly clicked on this article, let me explain.

As an Oklahoma taxpayer, I think it's in the public's interest to know if the General Counsel for our Governor is having extra-marital relations with a lobbyist. We'd like to think the Governor's general counsel would have the people's best interests in mind, even when it's part of a right-wing ideology, but that's hard to trust when they're hooking up with people who lobby for special interests.

Plus, people click on these types of stories, so I have to do it to pay the bills.

Anyway, I guess we'll continue to follow this story and let will let you know when Reese is fired, resigns or promoted.  Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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