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Kevin Stitt a big fan of ironic tees…

Way back in 2014, the Oklahoma Internet fell into a brief tizzy when Mary Fallin posed for a photograph with an OU student wearing a Mary Failin' t-shirt while out on the campaign trail.

If you had to pick a moment that sums up Mary's gaffe-filled reign as Governor, it would rank up there with the time she couldn't name the three branches of government, or allowed Hipster Boo Boo to park her trailer in the yard at the Governor's Mansion.

Since Kevin Stitt's entire governing philosophy seems to be based upon asking Mary Fallin to hold his beer, we've been patiently waiting for the day when he poses with someone wearing a Bull Stitt, Stitt Head or just a Kevin Stitt version of a Bert t-shirt.

That day still hasn't arrived, but someone did send us this photo making the rounds of Stitt posing for a pic with a guy wearing a shirt that indirectly highlights his failed, damaged and very caustic relationship with our state's tribal nations:

In all fairness to Stitt, he is a member of the Cherokee Nation thanks to the sinister actions of one of his likely very white ancestors, so maybe he liked the shirt and asked to be photographed with it, or better yet, perhaps he thought being seen next to the shirt would make our state's tribal nations more likely to trust him as he continues to attack their autonomy and try to overturn the McGirt decision.

Then again, maybe Stitt's just a fan of ironic tees. It would help explain why he – a hardcore right-wing capitalist – would wear a t-shirt that contains the lyrics of a socialist anthem written by an Oklahoman with a soft spot towards communism:

Outside of vomiting in his mouth a little, I wonder what Woody Guthrie's reaction would be today if he learned that a banker who helped cause The Great Recession would be wearing a t-shirt with his song lyrics on them? He'd at least write a song about it, right? That's what he did for Trump's dad.

Anyway, I guess we'll continue waiting for a photo of Stitt posing with a person wearing a Bull Stitt, Stitt Head or Bert t-shirt. If you spot one, send it our way.

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