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Jackson Lahmeyer is taking Facebook by storm!

Every now and then, I like to get a bit wild and crazy and see how things are going in the mystical and demented land of Derplahoma. You know, the alt-right dystopia where the presidential election was stolen, facemasks and vaccines don't work, and horse dewormer is the go-to cure for a deadly virus.

At the moment, the best place to get a pulse on what's happening in this alternative reality is to visit US Senate candidate Jackson Lahmeyer's Facebook page. He's the hardcore right-wing preacher who's challenging ultra-conservative incumbent RINO flower boy James Lankford.

Just like his oranged-face loser God, Lahmeyer uses Facebook as a powerful tool to spread lies and falsehoods, fear and misinformation, and social media influencer-style ads for pillows to the deranged masses.

Yep, the key move to #SaveAmerica is to buy pillows from political extremists who want to overthrow American democracy. Watch out China! You don't stand a chance!

Pillows aren't the only thing Lahmayer is selling. Check out the new merch he's promoting with deranged OK GOP leader John Bennett:

Fighting like a 3rd monkey trying to get on the ark? Am I missing the racist punchline here or something? What does that even mean? These guys should probably just stick to their brand and print t-shirts connecting vaccine mandates to the Holocaust. They're more clear and relatable to simple-minded Okies, and would likely sell better.

Naturally, Lahmeyer – a guy who doesn't believe in evolution, the Big Bang or any other scientific law that doesn't fit nice and snug into his neuron-deficient worldview – isn't a big fan of research that shows masks help reduce the spread of the virus. That being said, he is a big fan of totally unproven unscientific hypotheses, like taking horse dewormer to cure COVID-19:

On a positive note, at least he admits Covid is real! Sure, he also probably thinks the vaccine is preinstalled with Microsoft Explorer, but it's nice to see him at least dip his toes into reality before jumping out and screaming the election was stolen.

Out of all the insane and absurd alt-right rhetoric out there, the stolen election stuff cracks me up the most. These people spend day and night preaching that Democrats are incompetent, ignorant morons who can't run a country, but we're also supposed to believe they're wise and savvy enough to orchestrate a deep state conspiracy to steal the American election.

Get real.

Lahmeyer and Derplahoman followers remind me of those who refuse to accept defeat after losing a close game on a bad call, even though in this case the game A) wasn't close and B) there was no bad call. As 2016 Mike Gundy learned following his hysterical defeat to the Chippewas – or 2006 Patrick Riley discovered following the OU - Oregon debacle – eventually, you have to grow up, realize you lost by the defined rules of the game, accept defeat and move the fuck on.

Sadly, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon for Lahmeyer. Why should it? Spreading lies on the Internet is an easy way to get popular!

Wow. That's pretty impressive and goes to show just how easily warped rhetoric, along with fake, misleading, batshit bullshit, spreads like a disease on social media.

While Lahmeyer is reaching millions of angry nutjobs by spreading lies and propaganda online, James Lankford has been hitting the Beans and Basket circuit:

I know the election is still a way out, and Lankford still has the support and money of the GOP establishment, but Jackson Lahmeyer is winning the social media game and needs to be treated more seriously. It almost feels like people in Oklahoma political circles are dismissing Lahmeyer in the same way many in the establishment dismissed Trump early in his presidential campaign. We know how that worked out.

Here are a few more posts that got my eyes rolling:

Yep, if you comply we die... says the guy who rallies against social distancing, facemasks and vaccines, and encourages his followers to take horse dewormer. Maybe he has a point?

"Honey, who should we get to officiate our wedding?"

"Maybe that insane right-wing preacher who thinks the election was stolen and popping horse pills cures Covid? He marries cousins, right?"

Here's one more:

When your third principal totally contradicts your first principal, it actually defies COMMON SENSE and makes you look like nothing more than a screaming mad 3rd monkey looking for a ride on Noah's Ark.

Or something like that.

Anyway, these posts were just a small sampling of some of the madness from Lahmeyer's page. If you want to dive in on your own, you can do so there. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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