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Pistol Pete unfairly labeled as worst mascot in America…

11:30 AM EDT on August 25, 2021

College football trash talk season is right around the corner, and our friends at some logo printing company nobody has ever heard of did the world a favor and released the results of a survey about the sport's worst mascots. Guess who came in #1?

Via The Oklahoman_:

A nationwide survey done by an Illinois logo printer company lists "Pistol Pete" in three less than desirable categories.

The survey found that not only was "Pistol Pete" considered the "worst" mascot, but also the third "creepiest" behind the University of Louisiana at Lafayette mascot "Cayenne" and another "Pete" mascot from Purdue University.

"With his massive head, blank stare, and disproportionately small body, it’s not hard to see why," the company's post announcing the survey results read.

You guys know I love to troll and irritate OSU fans on this site, but as a life-long Sooner fanboy, even I'll admit this is weak sauce. Sure, OSU may be one of the worst college football programs out there, but that doesn't mean their mascot is the worst, too. Hell, Pistol Pete isn't even the worst one in the state! Check out Captain Cane from Tulsa:


It's also B.S. that Pistol Pete was #3 in the "creepy" category. I can think of numerous mascots out there creepier than him, including those things that OU tosses out there...

At least with Pistol Pete you know you're looking at the melancholy caricature of an old drunken wild west cowboy who was forced by some judge to spend the rest of his life cheering on a losing football program that has never won a non-retroactive title. That's just sad and depressing – not creepy.

OU's Boomer and Sooner, on the other hand, take home the creepy cake! I'm not even 100% sure what they are supposed to be! If I had to guess, I'd say they're 1/3 horse, 1/3 pig and 1/3 Barry Switzer's penis.

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