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I guess it’s easier to make it in Hollywood than the OKC political scene!

According to a recent write-up in The Oklahoman, Jason Padgett – the right-wing actor turned anti-masker "businessman" who declared his candidacy for mayor back in March – has gone radio silent on the campaign trail.

According to the paper, his campaign spokeswoman is no longer fielding questions and he only has two cents in his campaign bank account, perhaps for a planned encounter with Kelly Ogle.

Meanwhile, Mayor McSelfie has been very active on social media, ratcheting up his reelection campaign, and trying to woo and impress Olympic gold medalist Nevin Harrison.

Why Holt is out there Holting, Padgett has apparently been on vacation:

Political consultant Lance Cargill of Harrah said by text that Padgett was on vacation "but will reach out to you next week."

In his most recent report, dated July 30, Padgett reported raising a total of $52,735 since the campaign began and spending $52,734.98, leaving a balance of 2 cents.

On the last day of the second quarter, June 30, he transferred $51,385.05 to Harrah political consultant, HPPC, a firm associated with Cargill.

Based on that, it does appear Padgett's no longer interested in being mayor of Oklahoma City. Here are some possible explanations why:

1. He found a job selling cars at Bob Moore Cadillac. Actually, he looks more like the finance manager type. I bet he can sell the hell out of an extended warranty!



2. He's just using this as an open audition to rejuvenate his fledgling acting career. So far, his career highlights include Flash's Corny in Spider-Man, Suicidal Cop in Angel and UPS Guy in Knee High P.I.


3. He doesn't want to endure the humiliation and embarrassment of getting his ass spanked by David Holt in an election.

I've been a frequent and persistent critic of our mayor – including his well-documented obsession with letting people know he's the mayor of the OKC – but I'd vote for him hands down over an out-of-work actor / anti-masker businessman.

In addition to that, Holt has the all-mighty powerful ruling class and local news media on his side. They love the work Holt does as front for their organization and how much time he promotes OKC, or at least the OKC they want people to see. They're already getting to work making sure no one wants to run against him.

Holt worked closely with public health officials, supported Ward 8 Councilman Mark Stonecipher's mask ordinance and most recently has advocated on a near daily basis for residents to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

"To me, it's a sign of mental illness to run against David Holt," longtime political observer Pete White, the former Ward 4 city councilman, said Friday.

First of all, way to throw the mentally ill under the bus. Second, you do have to be somewhat mentally ill to run for public office. Just look at our state capitol!

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