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Kevin Stitt uses Afghanistan crisis to practice for presidential run

6:34 PM EDT on August 16, 2021

Based on how poorly he's dealt with Oklahoma's tribal nations, you'd think Kevin Stitt would be the last person to criticize another man's dealings with a different government, but here we are.

Earlier today, Kevin Stitt released a video complaining about Biden's decision to expedite Trump's plan to flee the unwinnable situation in Afghanistan, furthering speculation in the local politosphere that Stitter has presidential aspirations.

Check it out:

Before we continue, let's try to ignore the hallow partisan rhetoric of Stitt's attack on Biden. Afghanistan is a complicated topic, and our rube Governor who considers being called a meathead a sincere compliment is the last person who should be talking about it.

That's not to say Biden doesn't deserve blame for what's happening there. He's been a member of the Neo-Con elites for like 50 years now, so he obviously does, but anyone who's not a party-loyalist hack knows that if a Republican president made the same call, Stitt would be using a different tone, and regurgitating many of the same talking points that partisan Democrats are currently trotting out to defend Biden today.

In fact, Stitt would probably just ignore the issue altogether. You know, like he's done with the COVID-19 pandemic that's raging across the state.

If you ask me, the big takeaway from this video is "Can Kevin Stitt make it any less obvious that he has presidential aspirations?"

Seriously, just look at him showing us he's a big boy and can pander to the military in front of the American flag. It's like he's using this as practice and an open audition! I guess the hours he spent in front of the mirror reciting Bill Paxton's speech from Independence Day has finally paid off!

I think my favorite part of the speech was where he mentioned he's the "Commander-In-Chief" of Oklahoma's armed forces, as if calling out the Oklahoma National Guard while on a ski trip is in any way comparable to the tough decisions Presidents face when fighting an unwinnable foreign war half a globe away.

"I know that the past few days have been difficult and painful for so many Oklahomans who have ties to our military. As we watch these heartbreaking images, it's natural to wonder "– Was it worth it?" I can tell you this as governor and commander-in-chief of Oklahoma's armed forces. I am proud of your service to our country."

Yeah, he's the Commander-In-Chief of Oklahoma's armed forces. You know, like how the young PR flack with one small account is the CEO of a PR Firm.

Anyway, you can watch the full video above or by clicking here. I hope this is one of many videos Stitt releases as part of his plan to look presidential during his rumored run for President in 2024. We always encourage politicians to provide us with new material.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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