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School District Bravely Stands Up To Stitt Over Anti-Mask Mandates!

During the last legislative session, Oklahoma Republican lawmakers passed a toothless bill that blocked school districts from implementing mask mandates during a global pandemic because, well, they're feckless, pandering, hypocritical morons who turn their nose up at science when it's politically convenient, and really don't give a flip whether or not kids at school catch the virus, infect their family, and possibly sicken or kill others, just as long as they win reelection.

Governor Stitt – the #1 Covidiot in Oklahoma according to our highly scientific rankings – eagerly signed the bill. It included a provision that districts could impose mask mandates if Stitt declares a state of emergency, but considering Stitt is an unapologetic anti-masker and only issues emergency declarations before fleeing the state for a ski trip, that probably won't happen until late-fall at the earliest.

As a result, school districts are technically prohibited from requiring that their unvaccinated students wear masks as the Delta variant spreads across the state like an ambitious strain of gonorrhea on the Oklahoma State Fair midway.

Fortunately, Chris Brewster – the superintendent for Santa Fe South Charter Schools – is standing up to our rube Governor and Derplahoman lawmakers. He issued a letter yesterday stating that "masks will be required of all students and staff while at school or at school-related activities, whenever indoors and in close contact."

Check this out:


As of Thursday, August 12, masks will be required of all students and staff while at school or at school related activities, whenever indoors and in close contact (3-5 feet for more than 15 minutes.)

Exemptions will be made only for those who have a physician’s documentation stating that wearing of a mask is not recommended for that individual.

This requirement will also apply for all guests on campus and at all activities and events. We will strictly enforce this at all times. Again, this is a requirement, and should not be considered optional for anyone at any time, unless they have confirmation from their physician that mask-wearing is not required.

Students or parents who refuse will be offered the opportunity to receive on-line instruction.

Any personnel or parents who have an issue with this requirement are to contact me directly via email.

That's pretty cool. We need more people in this state who are willing to stand up to the right-wing quacks in our government and risk going to jail in order to do what's right, so I happily give Mr. Brewster the inaugural TLO Award for Civil Disobedience and Baddassery! I wonder if he'll take things even farther and go on a hunger strike in prison? In fact, I wonder which prison he's going to be sent to.


Rep. Kevin West, one of the bill’s authors, said he was disappointed to see schools oppose the law but pointed out there are no specific penalties in the legislation.

“We did not put any penalties in there, we did not put anything in there where the state Department of Education writes rules,” said West, R-Moore. “But if a school chooses to violate the law they are opening themselves up to a civil lawsuit from parents. That’s really just parental involvement. Beyond that I guess we will see what happens.”

Okay, so maybe Brewster is not as brave as we thought, but I still commend him for doing what every other district in this state is too scared to do – ignore a toothless, harmful law that was, once again, passed by feckless, pandering, hypocritical morons who turn their nose up at science when it's politically convenient.

That being said, I guess Brewster does have to worry about some civil lawsuits wasting the district's time and money. I'm not sure what type of damages you can be awarded for not catching Covid, but as we've learned over the last 18 months, there are tons of local quack "constitutional" anti-mask attorneys out there ready to sue school districts just to make a name for themselves in the local alt-right scene. They're basically our modern-day ambulance chasers, and one of the few groups that I think should be prohibited from getting the vaccine or wearing masks.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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