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Kindergartener expelled from Summit Christian Academy because her mom is a lesbian…

4:29 PM EDT on August 12, 2021

The race to be named to Oral Roberts University's annual list of the 25 Most Intolerant Private Schools in Oklahoma has never been more competitive!

Less than a year after Rejoice Christian School made national headlines when it expelled an 8-year-old girl because she told a female classmate she had a crush on her, Summit Christian Academy in Broken Arrow expelled a kindergartener because her mom is married to another woman.

According to sources, Evangelical bigotry and intolerance are to blame.


In just over a week, a five year old Broken Arrow girl was supposed to start kindergarten at Summit Christian Academy.

But she has been kicked out. Her parents tell us it wasn't anything she did wrong, it's that her mother is now in a same sex marriage, and the school does not approve.

It's one thing for a child to be thrown out of school for repeated bad behavior. Sara Evans and her wife Brittney think it's quite another for the daughter to be punished for the perceived sin of the mother.

"They proceeded to tell me that because they are a Christian school, same sex relationships are not welcome in the school," Evans said.

Yeah, that's not surprising. Whether they're comparing gays to terrorists, complaining about Pride month, or simply expelling a student because God made her mommy a lesbian, there's a certain sect of Evangelical Oklahoman who's never going to be understanding or accepting of people on the LGBTQ spectrum, and consider that natural lifestyle to be evil, sinful and gross.

Well, that is until they get caught tapping shoes in an airport bathroom. Then their tone usually softens and they're all about understanding and forgiveness.

The girl's mom was so disturbed by the school's bigoted reaction that she met with school leadership in person and recorded the conversation. They named some other things that would warrant a "red flag."

"Brittney, another red flag would be if we are looking at one of these applications and we ask people where they go to church and they said they are Muslim, then we've got a problem."

In all fairness to the school, it's a private religious institution and has every right to be discriminatory and biased towards whoever it wants. I even think the Bible backs them up. I believe it was in Bigotris 4:18 where Jesus Christ said:

"And thou shall turneth away all those who are different from you or worship a different god, for they are the devil's spawn, while you are the light of the morning – pure, innocent and always right."

The parents of the girl have hired an attorney and may sue. They're claiming since the school accepted Federal CARES funding, they have to abide by guidelines that prevent them from being bigots:

Leslie Briggs is the attorney representing Sara and Brittney.

"These are emergency federal dollars that have come through to private entities that are used to getting away with discrimination like this. Are used to winning in this realm. They only do so because they are private entities that aren't beholden to federal rules. If you take that federal money, that all changes," said Briggs.

We have spoken with another parent who is pulling her child from the school after hearing about this situation, telling us they didn't want their children indoctrinated with hate. They wanted them to have a good Christian upbringing.

If they don't want to indoctrinate their children with hate, and want them to have a good Christian upbringing, they may want to look at places outside of Broken Arrow. It's like the capital of Derplahoman.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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