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Patrick’s Friday News Round-Up (1)

At the end of each week, I try to highlight some of the local news stories, tidbits, oddities and other things that made the TLO radar, but due to my laziness and lack of motivation, didn't get their own article.

On that note, here is my Friday News Roundup!

This OKC cop had a bad day...

I'm as absent-minded and forgetful as they come, and even I've never done that. Don't get me wrong – I'm a pro at leaving my fuel door open and then noticing it when I'm on the highway – but to drive off with the hose connected to the car takes a special level of ADHD and distraction. Perhaps the cop was filling up his tank, got a call that there was a sale at Shipley donuts, and in a rush of joy, hopped in the front seat and drove off. Either way, I guess we should be happy the cop didn't shoot an unarmed citizen over the incident.

Also, not to be outdone by the men in blue, the Elk City Fire Department had their own moment of glory:


Matt Mahler is leaving News 9...

We'd like to wish happy trails to News 9 meteorologist Matt Mahler. He's folding up the green screen to go work for Paycom:

For Matt's sake, let's hope training people how to use HR software is more fun than being trained how to use HR software. We wish him the best of luck in his new job, and will be forever grateful for his contribution to severe weather dong history...


Jackson Lahmeyer loves Nazi humor...

The Oklahoma Derplahoman Party won't ease up on its offensive 1940s Nazi Germany analogies. The guy they're backing for US Senate – alt-right preacher troll Jackson Lahmeyer – recently shared this Facebook story that compares Fauci to Hitler.

Yep, it's Dr. Fauci who's trying to "scare people into submission," "profit from the panic," and "hold the world hostage with fear and paranoia," says the previously unknown wacko alt-right Baptist preacher who, for his own personal gain and ambition, is running for the US Senate, and in the process, openly comparing our nation's top public health expert to Hitler during a pandemic that's killed over 600,000 Americans.


Beaver County is looking good!

The rest of the state – not so much.

For what it's worth, the guy who tweeted that is an epidemiologist for the OSDH. He's one of our state's many health experts that our dummy Governor has routinely ignored and silenced during the pandemic because "Freedum!" It's probably why Ozair also issued this tweet.


"Cool" Oklahoma Mom Gave 7-Year-Old Weed For His Birthday

I'm putting "cool" in quotes because all joking aside, there's nothing cool about giving a 7-year-old weed. The herb can do long-term harm and damage to the kid's brain and lead them down a path of making stupid, idiotic decisions later in life, like – you know – giving a 7-year-old child weed for their birthday.


NY Times writer from Oklahoma takes a look at how state is portrayed in movies.

It's always been a double-edged sword when Oklahoma makes it to the big screen. As a lifelong resident of our attention-starved state, it's kind of fun seeing our state portrayed on the national stage. I thought it was so cool when I watched Geena Davis and Brad Pitt have sex in a motel room on NE 23rd next to Western Union in Thelma and Louise, or Rainman hang out in Guthrie. Then again, it's also frustrating because most movie portrayals of Oklahoma and its people fall off the hick stereotype bandwagon. Granted, it's a stereotype for a reason, but I'd like to see an Oklahoman portrayed in a film who doesn't have a fake hick accent, work in the oilfield, or sing country music. You know, something that focuses on the other 5% of us who still live here.


Tiger King Hit Man gets DUI... again

Like most people, I'm totally over Tiger King coverage, but this story does give me an excuse to brag that we were first on the scene and on the story when he was arrested on DUI charges in Valley Brook – a typical annual right of passage for most men who indulge in the Oklahoma City strip club scene.


People still don't want to live next to mobile homes

The difference between a mobile home park and a fancy manufactured home park is kind of like the difference between Sam's and Walmart – one is nice nicer than the other, but they're basically the same thing. You also don't want to live next door to any of them.


Brandan Frazier joins the cast of "Killers of the Flower Moon"

The movie's been filming for a while, so you'd think they'd have most of the cast figured out, but this news hit the starstruck Oklahoma media this week. I guess Brendan's going to play the role of W.S. Hamilton, a man frozen in a glacier that Leonardo DiCaprio's character discovers while drilling for oil. It should be a riot!


Thanks for reading The Lost Ogle and have a great weekend. - Patrick

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