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TLO Restaurant Review: Billy Sims Burger

As many Oklahomans are quite aware of, Billy Sims is the marketing genius that made the restaurant Billy Sims BBQ a household name in this state. I think he might have played some football too, but don’t quote me on that.

Regardless, he is now dipping his strong, beefy toe in the burger game with Billy Sims Burger, 6825 S.E. 29th St. in Midwest City. Stopping by sometime last week, the building, with Billy Sims’ name all over it, should have been busy, especially in Oklahoma, but was hauntingly empty. Could it be the location?

Still, after walking in and looking over the menu attached to the wall, I quickly ordered because "Billy's picks" were outlined in red and, you know, if they're good enough for Billy Sims, they're sure as Hell good for me and I wasn't going to question it.

First out was the Double Billy Burger ($8.99), a typical double-patty punch with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and, what I suspect it’s main reason for its being, the tangy Sims Sauce, which was proudly poured all over the burger to my great acclaim. While the meat tastes fresher than many burger dives, it’s the sauce that makes it so good and I wanted more of it.

And while the fries did their job well, it was Cheese Curds ($4.99) that brought an oily smile to my face. Fatty balls of curdled cheese, rolled in Billy’s own secret spices—I’m guessing they’re secret, I didn't ask—and deep fried, I liked these far better than fries and wish more burger outlets carried them.

Also worth trying are the Chicken Strips ($3.99), the three-piece a small enough order for me to sample at this time. Burning the roof of my mouth—totally my fault for immediately biting down on them—they were made all the better with a helping of, what else, more Sims Sauce, which, by now, I was totally in love with. Seriously, you guys should bottle that and sell it!

As the remnants of the meal sat there, waiting to be packed up for a second consumption much later, I sipped on the (apparently) Billy’s Famous Shake and Cake ($5.99), which, like it sounds, is a triple-chocolate cake blended with a chocolate shake, almost automatically giving anyone a literal defibrillation of deliciousness.

Sorry Sonic fans, but this shake will make you forget all about them and their dumb free peppermints.

Only one or two people came inside the store when I was there and, honestly. I’m not sure what would help to get the word out about this exciting fast-food alternative to the big burger chains, because Billy Sims Burger is one of the few places that, like the man himself and his sturdy barbecue, truly deserves a hefty fanbase. Cómpralo ya!


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