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TLO Weekly News Round-Up

11:31 AM EDT on July 30, 2021

At the end of each week, we try to take a look at some of the stuff we were either too lazy or bored to cover. On that note, here's your TLO Weekend Round-Up!

Hobby Lobby loses another one of its stolen artifacts

To Hobby Lobby's credit, they don't appear to be fighting the decision. The last thing they want to do is ruin their reputation on the forged and stolen antiquities black market.


OU to OSU – "It's Not You. It's Me."

I'm not going to lie. I kind of feel sorry for OSU fans. OU moving to the SEC is like being dumped by your significant other for a person who owns a boat and nightclub in Florida. Not only are they leaving you, but you know they're leaving you for better things!

The open letter from their dejected President was heart-wrenching to read. Bob Stoops then responded with an "It's not you; It's me" editorial for the newspaper. Brutal.

Although it will take OSU a while to recover from this break-up, I think they'll be okay. Maybe they can start a rivalry with Tulsa as a rebound relationship? Plus, you never know – with the way the college football landscape is changing, there's a chance OU and OSU can get together again someday.


Oklahoma should have hired IMMY Diagnostics

The state opened a driver's license renewal mega-pod this week where people have to wait in mage-long lines just to get their driver's license renewed.

DMV line jokes have been around forever, but the whole driver's license backlog fiasco in this state should be a bigger deal. Unfortunately, since the people it affects are probably driving around with an expired license, they're not complaining as loudly as they should.

For example, I renewed my license online back in April, the month it expired and didn't get a new one in the mail until mid-July. I have to say, it was kind of fun to roll around town breaking the law for those two months, but outside of a few tweets, I didn't make a big deal out of it. Driving around without a license isn't something you really want to broadcast out there.


Thunder draft positionless Australian teenager. I'm on board.

Just like everyone else who's spent a lot of time reading mock drafts over the last three months, I was shocked by OKC's selection of Australian Josh Giddey. Since then, I've done a crash course of YouTube highlights and I have to say, I kind of like the move. Worst case scenario: He doesn't adjust to the speed and athleticism of the NBA, becomes a poor-man's tall Rubio, and moves overseas in three to five years. Best case scenario: He continues to grow physically, develops a reliable jump shot and becomes a positionless hybrid playmaker who can do a little bit of it all. Either way, it will be interesting and fun to see if he, Poku and the Thunder's next draft pick – Paolo Banchero or Chet Holmgren – can lead the Thunder to the playoffs in the 2025 season.


Falls Creek is a COVID breeding ground, too.

When you send your kid to Falls Creek, you probably expect them to come home with something they didn't go in with, like a spiritual awakening, hickey or trauma. Viruses have always been a risk, too, and apparently still are.

Perris Jones leaves KOCO

The KOCO reporter announced on Twitter he is leaving KOCO Channel 5. He's most known around town for his controversial take on root beer, something we documented here. We wish him the best of luck and can't wait to hear his thoughts on RC Cola.


That concludes this TLO New Roundup. Have a nice weekend.

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