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After exhaustive search, Stitt finds perfect unqualified white guy for Attorney General

Gov. Kevin Stitt has reverted to tradition and added another unqualified white guy to his round table!

Just months after The Oklahoman was wasting their time emailing their pal Mike Hunter about his divorce and affair as they were being scooped by us, Kevin Stitt recently announced he has appointed John O'Connor as our next Attorney General.

Like most Stitt cronies, O'Conner appears unqualified for the job and comes with the prerequisite stick-it-to-the-libs baggage.

For example, in 2018 he was denied a federal judgeship because he lacked integrity and was deemed professionally incompetent.

Via The Oklahoman_:

John M. O’Connor, who was chosen by Gov. Kevin Stitt on Friday to serve as Oklahoma’s attorney general, lacked the professional competence and integrity to be a federal judge, the American Bar Association determined three years ago after a lengthy investigation that included interviews with dozens of state attorneys and judges.

Complaints in the Oklahoma legal community about O’Connor, a 2018 nominee for a federal judgeship in Oklahoma, focused on his billing methods and fees and on his lack of courtroom experience, according to correspondence between the ABA’s Standing Committee on the Judiciary and the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee’s top leaders.

Yep, that's the guy Stitt deemed fit to be the head attorney in Oklahoma. Makes sense. I assume Stitt wants his Attorney General to waste a lot of taxpayer money and resources flaming ideological culture wars with frivolous lawsuits against the federal government, so finding a guy who was denied a spot on the federal bench due to his lack of integrity and incompetence seems like the perfect fit!

In fact, it apparently took Stitt a long time to find someone with O' Conner's lack of integrity.

Stitt said he sought an appointee with high moral character and a strong handle of the law. Stitt interviewed more than 12 candidates for the position, saying he "cast a wide net" in his search.

Yeah, there's a difference between "casting a wide net" and "interviewing 12 people" for a job. I'm not an expert at running a state like a business, but that seems excessive for a guy who has an HR department at his disposal. Like, does Stitt not read resumes first? I'm not saying go full Braum's and hire the first person that fills out an application, but at least do some homework and not waste everybody's time. Interviewing 12 people for one job position says a lot about the candidates, the job they're interviewing for, and especially the bozo doing the hiring.

Anyway, we wish best of luck to O' Conner as Attorney General. It will be interesting to see how he oversees Stitt's war against tribes, panders to the right and handles a primary fight against Buckaroo Gentner Drummond. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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