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“Mr. Biden, Build That Wall!” cries James Lankford

8:34 AM EDT on July 21, 2021

Still smarting from the imaginary caning given to him on his inflamed little rump by Trump worshipper Jackson Lahmeyer, Sen. James Lankford is, once again, desperately trying to earn his way back into the former false president’s followers' good graces by harping on about President Biden’s recent immigration policies at the border.

Anything to rile up a racist fanbase of uneducated voters!

Fresh from a trip of looking so very butch while cruising the Texas-Mexico border, Lankford is not only calling for a restart to the stoppage of work along that imaginary line in the sand but also referring to Biden’s decision to stop work as an “absurd waste of taxpayer dollars.” Kind of like Lankford’s salary, am I right?

From News 9...

Lankford, who sits on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, has visited the border twice since Biden took office and asserted the recent surge in illegal border crossings is the direct result of the new administration’s more lax policies, including a decision to stop construction of the wall begun by his predecessor.

“We are paying about $3 million a day right now for individuals to be able to sit next to the steel and to be able to make sure that it’s not stolen sitting out there in the desert,” Lankford said in an interview Tuesday.

I guess Lankford’s master plan is to make America white for the right people; he’s proven that time and again. But what truly strikes me about this whole outburst is the fact he’s doing it because he’s desperately grasping for some sort of relevance among his people, many of whom are leaving him. Left out in the cold due to Lahmeyer—who has a few of his own troubles recently—it seems like Lankford’s trying to outdo him on the white supremacy front.

Even though Oklahoma has many of our own problems that we’re nowhere close to solving, he’s turning a ill-advised piggy-back with Texas into a seditious dry-hump just to get that much-vaunted MAGA vote, worrying about upcoming elections instead of people that truly need help, all the while staying as pasty white as possible for those important demographics.

Thankfully, ever since the January 6th fallout where we learned about his true cowardice, most people are starting to come around to Lankford’s shenanigans and, hopefully, he’ll be out of office soon enough. Yeah right. With a few more publicity stunts like this, he'll coast to another reelection or three.


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