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UCO is canceling its fight song…

UCO Photo Services,

In 2021, I've learned more about my alma mater – the University of Central Oklahoma Bronchos – than I did the three years I went there from 1999 - 2002.

For example, back in March, I discovered UCO had cheerleaders! Granted, I only learned about that after the university suspended the cheer squad because it was comprised of cool party girls who like to drink, dance and do other stuff that cheerleaders did in USA "Up All Night" movies in the 1980s, but it was a cool thing to discover.

Now, thanks to the hyper-aware woke police, we're learning the school has an actual fight song!

Last night, KOCO Channel 5 reported the school is revising its fight song because it has the word "Boy" in it:

The University of Central Oklahoma is revising its fight song after recent backlash over some of the lyrics.

The Rev. Harry Gatewood III, a former UCO football player who graduated in 2008, said he had a thought when he happened to be looking at the college's Instagram post last month with the school mascot...

He told KOCO 5 that, among other things, the song isn't inclusive. He also has issues with the word "boy," which he'd like to be removed from the college's fight song.

"As you may know, the word 'boy' back in the more ancient past was used as a derogatory word against Black men," Gatewood said. "And some individuals might not see the word 'boy' as incriminating or harmful. But when you have Black athletes actually over the age of 18, who are actually men, and you're telling those 'boys to fight,' it could be a bit demeaning or even more so if you're a female athlete. I was like, that probably needs to be changed because, as you know, UCO is doing great in regards to women's athletics."

Gatewood said he sent an email to UCO's Diversity and Inclusion Office and learned university officials were already taking steps to address his concerns.

I'm not a huge fan of today's overly woke culture, but I think Gatewood has a point. The lyrics are a bit dated, and if you're looking to misconstrue something, they can easily be misconstrued. Check them out:

Fight boys, fight for UCO! Fight boys, fight today.Fight for the team, boys. All full of steam, boys.Hear our cheers for you: Go! Bronchos!Fight, boys, fight for the Bronze and the Blue;Fight, boys, fight today. Add one more victory to our team’s history.U-C-O! Bronchos!”

Yeah. Even without the valid complaints from Gatewood, that's pretty terrible. Considering the school has virtually no athletic tradition, they should do away with it and find a better fight song.

I'd recommend this:

Seriously, that would be pretty badass, and actually kind of cool! Can you imagine the football team – UCO has a football team, right? – running out to the field while the band plays – UCO has a band right? – and student section yells – UCO has a student section, right? – "Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh." I'm sure that will get everyone pumped up and excited.

That being said, I don't have confidence that my old alma mater will do something that cool. They'll probably replace the boring and forgettable dated lyrics with equally boring and forgettable woke lyrics, and then in a couple of months, everyone will forget the have a fight song again.

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