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Former OU Volleyball Player Sues School for Attempting to Teach Racism

9:01 AM EDT on June 4, 2021

I wish that, back when I was in school, my teachers would have attempted to teach us about racism through Oklahoma’s dark history instead of, you know, their real-life actions towards minority students. But maybe that’s impossible, at least in Oklahoma, wherein a volleyball-playing blonde princess refused to be taught critical race theory and is now suing everyone to get her point across.

Kylee McLaughlin—who should really be suing her parents for that first name—is a former OU volleyball player that is suing her coaches as well as the Board of Regents for, supposedly, suppressing her freedom of speech, inflicting emotional distress, and causing harm to her economic advantage, whatever that means.

From Fox 25:

The lawsuit says all members of the team were required to participate in the discussions and watch the documentary "13th" which discusses racism and slavery.

During a following discussion McLaughlin said she was asked her thoughts to which she stated "that she agreed 100% that slavery was wrong and the slaves were mistreated; and, that statistics showed that."

She also stated that the end of the video was slanted "left" and took shots at former President Trump's statements by comparing his statements to the beatings of Blacks from the 1960s.

After that discussion and other discussions in small groups, McLaughlin says her teammates called her a racist on social media accounts.

I guess all of this courtroom drama could have been avoided if they hadn’t accused Kylee of being a racist on Facebook for outing herself as, you know, a racist.

To be fair, OU doesn’t have the best history in dealing with some of the worst aspects of racism from their students, from students famously urinating on a Native American tipi to, most recently, a busload of frat-boys joyously singing anti-Black songs. So, honestly, I applaud O.U. Volleyball coaches Lindsey Gray-Walton and Kyle Walton in attempting to expand their player’s minds outside of the ball-slapping sport.

Well, most of them, obviously.

The thing that probably pushed Kylee over the edge though was, when she posted on Twitter a diatribe that claimed the racist song “Eyes of Texas” was actually not racist; the coaches asked her to look “inside” herself and try to identify those things that are “white allergies and white privilege” which, sounds very hippie-ish, I have to admit.

Of course, she didn’t and, after a few more insults from her volleyball teammates, Kylee hired lawyers and I guess that’s where we’re at right now. She’s suing on five counts and is requesting at least $75,000 for each one. Add it all up, and that’s the equivalent of $1.4 million dollars! That’ll buy a lot of whites-only volleyballs!

OU really doesn’t need another racial blemish on their permanent record, but, honestly, I don’t have high hopes for any case that tries to defeat good ol’ boy racism in Oklahoma, mostly because it is so ingrained that it’ll probably will continue to manifest itself for decades to come.


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