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Which signature should Mike Hunter use to sign his resignation letter?

When Mike Hunter suddenly resigned this week following our exclusive, first-to-web, bombshell report that he was having an affair with another state employee and filing for divorce from his wife of nearly 40 years, he announced that his formal resignation letter would "come at a later date."

We're still waiting for that letter to be released, and perhaps more importantly, waiting to see which signature Hunter will use to sign it.

Thanks to a tip from an Ogle Mole, it looks like Mike Hunter uses a wide variety of signatures when he signs documents.

For example, this is the one he used to sign his divorce decree:

Wow. That's a very pretty, legible signature for a lawyer. I really like how the "H" is forcefully tied together in Hunter. It's also a lot different than the signature he uses to sign official state documents:

Interesting, huh? You'd think Mike would also sign his divorce petition using the same fancy signature, or at the very least, use the hybrid signature he's used to co-sign partisan letters that right-wing Attorneys General have mailed Washington.

Back in college, I remember one of those handwriting experts coming to a class and telling us that one way to spot a psychopath is that their handwriting style changes as they write. I remember that because, well, my handwriting changes as I write! The first sentence in a paragraph may be small, semi-legible print while the last one will be a hybrid mix of cursive and all caps. The only consistency is you can barely read it. It's strange.

Either way, if different handwriting styles make you a psychopath, what do different signatures make you? A spineless hypocritical adulterous elected official?

Anyway, back to the point. What signature will Mike Hunter use to sign his resignation letter? I kind of like the calligraphy one, but the one he – or maybe his secretary – used to sign the divorce petition is by far the prettiest. If you have an opinion on it, let us know in the comments.

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