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Volver a la Vida: A (Nearly) Post-Covid Meeting at Café Antigua

I haven’t seen Patrick, the Lost Ogle’s editor and publisher, in well over a year, and I can understand why. There's been a pandemic going around, and as one of the leading critics of our state's response, he had to keep up appearances, play the part, and hunker down for a bit.

However, we both received our inoculations a month or two ago and were finally ready to resume our longstanding tradition of infrequent bouts of worldly breakfasts, usually as a way to catch up and talk about the website, life and other things. He wanted to restart this at the always stellar Café Antigua, 1903 Classen Blvd., and there was no way I wanted to talk him out of it.

Plus, since he’s the boss, he always pays the bill. Who can argue with that?

While I had been there for lunch multiple times, I had never been there for breakfast. Far cozier in the mornings than I expected, we found a spot in front of the warming window; almost immediately, it was as if I had seen him only a few weeks ago, slipping easily into our typical font of trademarked conversation.

Before that, however, he ordered a basket of chips and guacamole, obviously the breakfast of TLO champions.

As he sipped his artistic double-espresso Latte ($4.00) and I slugged back my medium Guatemalan Coffee ($3.50), we started in on the past year and how it has affected us, something that was met with both whispered ahhs and laugh-filled oohs, a trend that continued throughout the meal. Best of all, he regaled me with his big plans for the site over this year and it was hard not to feel excited to be a part of it.

Our meals were, per usual, efficiently brought out to us. Patrick ordered the chip-heavy Huevos Motuleños ($8.99), a classic Yucatan-by-way-of-Guatemala dish made with refried black beans and sunny-side-up eggs, topped with chirmol, avocado slices, feta cheese, and the always welcomed queso fresco. Even though he was talking about the site, he still managed to finish the dish well before me, enjoying every bite.

Meanwhile, I had the true-to-form Suave Amanecer ($10.99). Although the pictures I took didn’t come out well at all–a first for me for which I humbly apologize–it looked as great as it sounds: scrambled eggs mixed with black olives, red bell peppers, chives, onions and tomatoes, served with a full cup of mosh—Guatemala’s much-needed answer to oatmeal—and fresh fruit topped with a mango sauce.

As I slowly—thoroughly—enjoyed my bought and paid for breakfast, this business meeting had become a friendly get-together, filled with compliments towards yours truly. I have always marveled how, no matter where life seems to take the crew, there is a side to Patrick few will ever know and, as we split a piece of Antigua’s transcendent flan, was happy that I’m one of those people, glad to be a part of the Lost Ogle team.


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