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Brave Oklahoma Cops Bust Marijuana Grow Operating With Expired License

It's safe to go out again in the town of Blackwell!

Earlier this week, the city's police force and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics busted a – gasp! – marijuana operation that was operating without a license, and in the process, making the entire city's downtown smell like a skunk.


A Blackwell, Okla., medical marijuana grow house was raided after operating with expired licenses.

The Blackwell Police Department and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics started the three-month-long investigation in February of 2021. It began when residents complained about a noxious smell in the downtown area, police said.

“It was a skunk smell that I had no idea what it was,” said a Blackwell resident.

“Upon searching the business, a little bit, we found out that the licenses had expired,” said Blackwell Police Chief Dewayne Wood. “One in June, one in October.”

Yep, it took an entire city's police department and a state agency only three months to investigate if a business was – oh no! – growing marijuana on an expired license! I don't know about you, but it's so nice to see Oklahoma taxpayer dollars being put to good use. The success of this operation goes to show that the people who are calling for society to rethink the role of police, how they are funded, and how that money is best put to good use obviously have no clue what they're talking about.

So, how much marijuana did these crack gumshoes find at the facility:

A search warrant was issued Thursday on Main Street. That’s where drug agents seized over 100 marijuana plants worth more than $100,000.

Stop the presses! They found 100-plants worth more than $100,000?! The thriving marijuana black market in this state may never recover! Also, those are some expensive plants. I wonder if they were the famed Mark Rodgers strain that everyone in Blackwell is talking about? I heard it's a cross between Gorilla Glue and Rosie O'Donnell.

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