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7 things Carole Baskin discovered in her drone footage of Joe Exotic’s former zoo!

11:07 AM EDT on May 6, 2021

Between creating her own crypto-currency called $CAT (scat?) and dancing with the stars, Big Cat Rescue founder Carole Baskin has been a busy lady since she rose to fame after the release of the Netflix Documentary Tiger King. Despite having a lot on her plate, last week Carole Baskin and her husband Howard were caught flying a drone over Joe Exotic’s former property to reportedly check up on the welfare of the animals.

Even though the last of the animals that once lived at the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park were relocated to an animal sanctuary in Colorado last year, I’m sure the cat lady didn’t come away from the experience without something to show for it. In fact, here’s 7 things Carole Baskin probably found on her drone footage of Joe Exotic’s former zoo!

A Freezer full of “Steak and Ale” Sirloin

So, what if the American chain filed for bankruptcy 13 years ago? There’s enough sirloin in the deep freeze to feed zoo visitors meat-lovers pizza for at least 4 more park seasons.


Nicholas Cage

After it was announced that Amazon had picked up a drama series covering the life and times of Joe Exotic, star Nicolas Cage has been preparing for his role by using the method acting technique of inhabiting the life, zoo, and pearl snap shirts of his subject.


All Them Shirt Sleeves

There’s just a big ole pile of ‘em in the corner of the feed barn.


Ancient Meth Labs

Most understand that if you leave any wooded acre in rural Oklahoma unattended for more than a weekend, a meth lab is going to pop up. That's why there are so many ancient, undiscovered meth labs dotting the Oklahoma countryside. Based on what we learned from watching Tiger King, there's a decent chance that his old zoo is home to some of the largest.


Trails of Sequins

Jeff Lowe may have tried to erase the existence of Joe Exotic from the tiger zoo, but not even he could get rid of all those damn sequins.


Joe's Nuts

The cashews are salty and delicious. In fact, we've heard tigers love them more than fish oil!


Joe Fucking Exotic for President 2040 Yard Signs

Joe’s got big plans in a few years.


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