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Stupid Lawmaker That Says Stupid Things Said Something Stupid

9:44 AM EDT on April 30, 2021

State Rep. Justin Humphrey – the Grand Wizard of the Derplahoman Party – is back in the news after he compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK while debating draconian legislation on the Oklahoma House floor.

Yep, that's right. The skilled thinker and orator from Lane who once referred to women as fetal-carrying "hosts" (and also proposed a hunting season for mythological creatures) compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK.


The comments occurred when Humphrey was using his bruised and battered brain to debate right wing legislation that would prohibit state colleges and universities from requiring gender or sexual diversity training, and prohibit teachers from having honest and open discussions about race in America.

Here's a clip:

You know, when you hear a guy say something that stupid – and then his buddy agreeing with him – maybe you can't blame Rep. Humphrey for thinking the government injects our bodies with nanorobots that make people go crazy? How else can you explain some of the warped, illogical thoughts that flow through his brain.

Obviously, an elected representative echoing the same racist thoughts his voters hold dear – comparing a mainstream civil rights protest movement that was formed to end police brutality and violence against Black Americans to a racist organization that was formed to increase brutality and violence towards Black Americans – ruffled some feathers, and they should. The only similarity between Black Lives Matter and the Ku Klux Klan is that they're both three words and both have to do with race. That's about it.

That being said, maybe this was all just an innocent screw up?

As we learned when State Rep. Brad Boles talked about colored babies on the House floor, our local yokel State Reps aren't the greatest public speakers. They can get a bit nervous when you hand them a microphone and they see faces as opposed to white hoods. Knowing that, it makes me wonder if Humphrey screwed up and intended to compare the GOP-led Oklahoma legislature to the KKK. They did just pass a law that would make it easier for some right-wing KKK racist to plow through BLM protestors with a vehicle and not face any punishment, so it seems like that would be a more appropriate analogy.

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