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The 7 most pro-life decisions Kevin Stitt has made as Oklahoma Governor!

11:03 AM EDT on April 29, 2021

Good news, my friends! Our esteemed Governor Kevin Stitt announced this week that he is "proud to be called the most pro-life governor!" If you are wondering who in the hell is calling this guy "pro-life" after the job he's done navigating the state through the pandemic, look no further than this here screen. We at TLO firmly believe that Stitt puts the "pro" in "pro-life." In fact, here's the 7 most pro-life decisions Kevin Stitt has made as governor of this great state!

Keeping Cells Alive

Earlier this week, Stitt signed three bills that aimed to limit access to abortions in Oklahoma. Thanks to Stitt, if the host doesn’t have access to safe and legal abortion, one day those cells can be raised in a place that happens to have the second-worst healthcare system for children by mothers with an increased risk for depression in a state with poor mental healthcare funding.


Making Oklahoma a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State

In signing Senate Bill 631 into law, our esteemed governor has made Oklahoma a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary State,” thus protecting Oklahomans’ rights to own and carry firearms to protect themselves from the liberal agenda. Even though research has found that gun possession is more likely to lead to an escalation of aggression and violence as well as an increased risk of civilians being shot in altercations, Oklahoma families are now safer and sounder in the minds of gun nuts across the state fantasizing about having John Wick’s flexibility and marksmanship.


Protecting Drivers

Last week, Stitt signed a bill into law that would allow drivers to not be held liable for injuring or even killing a protestor if the driver is “fleeing from a riot.” If your one-ton dually can’t protect you from a few dozen people walking in the street, by-God Kevin Stitt will.


Insuring Vulnerable Oklahomans

After actively discouraging residents of the second-worst insured state in the nation from supporting a Medicaid expansion, Stitt began advocating for a managed care Medicaid program that he claims would insure vulnerable Oklahomans while keeping costs down, even though opponents say it will actually lead to fewer Medicaid providers in the state due to increased administrative costs and a possible decrease in reimbursement. The managed care program would privatize Oklahoma’s Medicaid system and pay for-profit insurance companies, like Blue Cross Blue Shield and United, to provide coverage. I don’t know why Oklahoma medical professional organizations are voicing discontent and suing to stop the privatization of the Medicaid program. Stitt’s been running the whole state like a private business for two years now and everything’s been fine.


Fleeing Oklahoma during a State of Emergency

Not only was it a safe choice for Stitt to flee the dangers of cold, snowy weather, but if we're being honest, the state was probably better off with him not here to screw things up.


Advocating for Quality of Life

Kevin Stitt is not just pro-life; he’s pro-QUALITY of life. Which is why he was a staunch supporter of Oklahoma’s “MEAT ALL WEEK” initiative and killed a black bear for fun last Fall.


Praying COVID-19 Away

After refusing to implement a state-wide mask mandate or take his own “personal responsibility” advice seriously, in December Kevin Stitt called for a statewide “Day of Prayer and Fasting” in honor of those impacted by the pandemic. It must have worked because I can’t think of any other state-wide initiative that can explain the sudden decrease in COVID-19 cases across the state.


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