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Anyone know how tall Kent Ogle is?

10:59 AM EDT on April 22, 2021

If you were going to correlate the Ogle brothers with the Beatles, Kent Ogle would probably be Ringo.

He's fun, cheery – and although he's never been granted his own nightly opinion piece that alienates viewers and ruins his brand in the name of higher ratings – he keeps a solid beat while reading the teleprompter.

In fact, he's one of the most talented people in his craft. Sure, he's no John Bonham or Keith Moon – that honor belongs to the McCain brothers – but name me another morning anchor with the longevity he's had in this market?

In addition to all that, Kent and Ringo have similar vocal styles:

Anyway, I'm writing about Kent Ogle because one of our loyal readers – Nancy – has an urgent question that needs answered. Via the Ogle Inbox:

I love the Ogles!

There is no Wikipedia for Kent Ogle.

Do you know how tall he is and how many children he has.

Just curious.

I have watched KFOR all my life. Watched their Dad. =)

Thank you.

I did some crack research and learned the only Ogle with a Wikipedia page is Kevin Ogle –Lord of House KFOR and Grand Protector of the Canadian Riverlands. It has stuff about his career, awards and personal life, but doesn't mention the Ogle Family sagas. Either way, can someone who creates Wikipedia pages make ones for the other Ogles? Can they also make one for us while they're at it?

To answer Nancy's questions:

1. Kent Ogle has 13 children.

2. One thing Gan Matthews told me way back in the day is "Never ask an Ogle their height... especially the short one." For being such tall demi-gods, they're oddly sensitive about the topic. For example, look at what happened back in 2017 after Aaron Brackett, on a dare from Abby Broyles, asked Kevin Ogle how tall he was at the Redbud Classic.

Okay, that pic was actually taken as Aaron was fleeing. Sadly, Kevin eventually caught up on his chariot.

Back to Nancy's question, I'm going to guess that Kevin is 8-foot, 3-inches. That's not as tall as Kevin, but tall nonetheless.

Then again, I could be off by a foot or two. Please share your best guesses in the comments.

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