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OU football players investigated for possible role in armed robbery…

Who's ready for some Barry Switzer era flashbacks!?

On Friday, following a morning of social media and message board rumors, John Hoover with SI reported that a pair of OU football players were suspended from the team following an investigation into a Norman armed robbery.

Hoover's article didn't name any names and was vague on details. As a result, it sent OU fans scurrying to social media asking important questions that matter like, "Who did it?" "What did they do?" and "How will it affect the team?"

Later that day, Carey Murdock with SoonerScoop delicately answered some of those questions by reporting that the alleged players who are allegedly considered suspects in the alleged incident are allegedly wide receiver Trejan Bridges and allegedly wide receiver Seth McGowan. Friendly reminder, suspects are simply that – suspects. They have not been convicted of any sort of crime.

Allegedly via Sooner Scoop:

Archived police scanner audio reveals football players Trejan Bridges and Seth McGowan have become suspects in an alleged robbery that took place Thursday night in Norman at the Crimson Park apartment complex.

Dispatches from officers on the scene during the aftermath of the incident reveal an elongated search to find the whereabouts of both players, which forced the Norman Police Department to directly contact the OU athletics department for a current, known address for Bridges.

From there, Murdock unhitched the wagons and provided a play-by-play breakdown of the police scanner audio, likely ruining his chances to get inside info from Lincoln Riley on the next SuperPrep Rivals 100 6-Star Parade All-American.

On Sunday, The Tulsa World followed up on Murdock's reporting by releasing details from the 911 call after the incident. On the call, a guy who sounds like he just smoked a bowl before getting pistol-whipped provides more details:

“I’m guessing they wanted either weed or money from me.”

Those were words of a 911 caller when asked why he was the potential victim of an alleged robbery in the 2600 block of Classen Boulevard in Norman on Thursday night.

The victim was upset during moments of the 911 recording requested by the Tulsa World via the Oklahoma Open Records Act. It was produced by the Norman Police Department on Sunday afternoon.

There are many moments of silence during the heavily redacted call.

The victim’s first words during the 10-minute call: “Please. Help me. Please.”...

An archive of police scanner traffic coinciding with the robbery included the names of two OU football players, Trejan Bridges and Seth McGowan, according to’s Carey Murdock. A third person of interest also has been identified by Norman police.

Okay, let's focus on the important question that all OU fans are asking – how will this affect the football team?!

If the players were involved in the crime – and that's still a big "if" – I think OU will be okay. Bridges and McGowan are both young and seem to have some talent and potential, but OU has a lot of good players on the offensive side of the ball. It may hurt OU's depth, but they should be fine without them.

Of course, that's assuming these players, if they are involved in the robbery, are even kicked off the team. Joe Mixon infamously decked women at a Campus Corner sandwich spot and he was only suspended for a year. News 9's Dusty Dvoracek was kicked off the team for violent behavior back in the mid-aughts, but was reinstated a year later.

On that note, I wonder what ole' Dusty Dvoracek thinks about this? As a guy who made some mistakes while a young athlete at OU, learned from them, repeated those mistakes while a bit older, and then overcame it all to be the heir-apparent for Dean Blevins at News 9, he obviously has a unique point of view, and can provide some valuable insight into the situation:

Oh, he ignored his own past and how it relates to the present, and instead focused on the "important" questions like everyone else. Nice to know.

Anyway, I guess we'll continue to follow this story and see what happens. We wish a speedy, full recovery to the victim, and hope he screwed up, identified the wrong people, and that the real robbers are hopefully a pair of OSU athletes who are still on the loose.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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