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Stitt resorts to fear tactics in war against McGirt ruling…

Since coming to America, white people have been murdering Indigenous people with little to no problem—with actual government help, natch!—for hundreds of years.

However, now that the pro-Indigenous McGirt ruling in Oklahoma has given much of Eastern Oklahoma back to the tribes, Gov. Kevin Stitt proclaims that “murderers” will soon be walking down the streets of your neighborhood.

In an interview to, of course, Fox News, Stitt described the living Hell that the state has recently become since the landmark ruling, one where apparently criminals have been given retrials or even freedom as their cases are no longer under jurisdiction of state law, raising concerns for, as he claims, “public safety.”

From Fox News:

Stitt – a fourth-generation Oklahoman and Native American by heritage – compared the ruling as "coming into Manhattan, New York City, and people claiming that is now Indian reservation" in a Wednesday interview with Fox News.

"So, literally, we have two million people living in eastern Oklahoma – a million people in the MSA of Tulsa have grown up – and now it's called an Indian reservation," said Stitt. "So, nowhere else is it like this in the United States."

Really, dude?

While many Indigenous people have celebrated the rightful return of this land, Stitt has gone on the proverbial warpath to damnify them, even going as far as to scare the typical Fox viewer with not only visions of a statewide hellhole of murder, but one where their money is no good either, with issues around “taxation and regulation” becoming the norm with him.

Additionally, during the interview, Stitt did the thing where he threw out one or two cases of criminals being set free because of “sovereign immunity.” I guess Stitt—and Fox aficionados, for that matter—would have had an easier time with it if it was an oil magnate or some other white-collar type that bilked a whole state out of their not only their rightful funds, but absolute right to life.

And while Stitt may get his jollies from selling out the Indigenous people that he questionably proclaims to be a part of, as he hatefully proclaims that there is still a “legal path” to get Oklahoma back in white hands and “overturn McGirt entirely,” it almost seems as though he’s trying to rile the citizens up against the Indigenous in Oklahoma much like Trump and his followers have recently with Asian-Americans.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that if it’s true.


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