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Kevin Stitt has mysterious substance injected into muscley arm…

On Monday afternoon, after doing a series of push-ups and burpees, Kevin Stitt rounded up his Health Commissioner, sign language interpreter and a nurse to have a mysterious substance shot into his arm.

According to reports from the "fake news media," the substance we're supposed to believe he had injected into his bulging deltoid was a Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus vaccine.

Here's the photo from Stitt's office:

I'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything, but cut me some slack for being a bit skeptical that ole Stitter's really getting a Johnson & Johnson vaccine injected into his arm in that photo.

First of all, Stitt's gone out of his way the past year to downplay the health risks of the Coronavirus and has routinely flouted his own administration's health guidelines. He also has a blurb on his website "fact-checking" liberal media claims that he's an anti-vaxxer, which, as we know, probably means he is an anti-vaxxer.

In addition to all that, Johnson & Johnson owes Oklahoma $572-million as part of the opioid settlement. I'm sure the vaccine is safe and everything, but if J&J owed me that much money, I'd probably go with a different company for the vaccine.

Of course, that's just me being a bit silly and skeptical. I'd say there's a 99% chance that Stitt really did get a vaccine, and in a couple of weeks, can get back to resuming his normal life that he never stopped living.

On that note, Oklahoma has actually done a pretty good job at putting vaccines in the arms of people who want vaccines. Thanks to the help of tribal nations and corporations like IMMY Diagnostics, we were one of the early leaders in getting people vaccinated. In fact, the vaccine rollout in Oklahoma has been so successful that I'm pretty sure Kevin Stitt and his administration had nothing to do with it.

That being said, Oklahoma's early success in getting vaccines administered feels like a chunk of fool's gold. Over the next couple of months, as the vaccine becomes more readily available, I fully expect Oklahoma to be in the news for having one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. I'm going to make a wild prediction and say we'll be ranked in the mid-40s, just ahead of our friends in places like Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama.

All that being said, congrats to Stitter for probably getting the vaccine and actually having the courage to do it on camera. If he gets a primary opponent in 2022, there's a decent chance it may be used against him.

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