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Ogle Madness XIII: Midwest Conference, Sweet 16

8:00 AM EDT on March 26, 2021

We're wrapping up the Sweet 16 with a weird bracket that's involved some interesting upsets from the OKC Landmark Conference. Just like this year's NCAA tourney, we've got some underdogs here that might be able to at least make it to the Final Four. All of that depends on how y'all vote!

(1) Abigail Ogle vs (12) Scissortail Park

(3) Garth Brooks vs (10) Milk Bottle Building


(1) Abigail Ogle

Last Match: Defeated (8) OG&E 398 (78%) to 112 (28%)

Who: The Ogle Matriarch Who Shall Rule The World Someday

Biggest Strength: Can defeat any Twitter or Facebook troll with the ease of a Gary England quip

Biggest Weakness: She has to share a surname with this website



(12) Scissortail Park

Last Match: Defeated (13) Bella Coquette Vixen 322 (63%) to 186 (37%) votes

Who: The massive new Downtown OKC paid for with our tax bucks.

Biggest Strength: It’s a good place to ride your bike to and drink a tallboy on the top of the hill.

Biggest Weakness: Despite how much money was drained into it, it’s still kinda ugly.



(3) Garth Brooks

Last Round: Defeated (6) Damon Lane 328 (65%) to 180 (35%) votes

Who: The largest music star to ever come from Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: He’s sold nine diamond-status records, and he fuckin wrote ‘Rodeo’ what more do you want?

Biggest Weakness: His alter-ego was Chris Gaines, and that was very silly and embarrassing


(10) Milk Bottle Building

Last Round: Defeated (2) OKC Cock Ring 302 (60%) to 203 (40%)

Who: A tiny historic landmark with a massive sculpture of a Braum’s milk bottle on top that bigger than the building itself

Biggest Strength: Acting as one of the most major landmarks in the Asian district, and Oklahoma City as a whole

Biggest Weakness: You can’t get a giant bag of bahn mi sandwiches for a few bucks anymore



Get those votes in, and we'll see next week who is going to beast their way into the Final Four!

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