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More details emerge from UCO Cheerleading hazing incident

Earlier this week, we let you know the UCO Cheerleading squad was canceled from campus following a hazing incident that upset the University's fun police because, you know, cheerleaders having a rowdy good time in college is wrong now.

In our hard-hitting, groundbreaking report about the cancellation, we begged... I mean asked... the Ogle Mole Network for more details about the incident. Only a few hours after our article published, we received a DVD in the mail from Mike and Marla Morgan titled "Planes, Trains and UCO Cheerleaders." We don't have a DVD player, so we have no clue what's on it.

Fortunately, the staff of The Vista – the UCO student newspaper that should produce a feature series on famous bloggers who graduated from UCO – has been all over the story like a two-handed stunt. They filed an urgent open records request demanding more details about the incident.

According to the University's report, the heinous hazing acts included:

    • Members were blindfolded.
    • Members were asked to answer questions that were of a sexual nature.
    • Members were asked questions about their sexual preferences.
    • Members performed lap dances.
    • Members were grinding against objects “in a sexual manner.”
    • Members were twerking.
    • Members were yelled at in a military fashion.
    • Members drank a mixture of things taken from the refrigerator.
    • Alcohol was provided to underage team members.
    • Members were sprayed with a liquid.

Holy broncho! How do you score an invite to that rush party? I'm a member of the O-Trip Hall of Fame, and the only hazing I had to do was pass the GED while drunk and blindfolded. Instead of suspending the cheerleaders, they should give them A's for increasing student enrollment!

Okay, I'm just kidding. Even though college students are legal-aged adults who should responsible for their own decisions and actions, hazing is wrong and bad or whatever, and should always be treated seriously.

That being said, should suspending the cheerleaders for living out 1980s movie stereotypes really result in a suspension? Instead of dashing the hopes and dreams of the school's many cheer athletes, maybe the university should just invite chaperones to monitor the hazing proceedings instead? That seems fair, right?

"Hey, Miranda... stop twerking, please. Wait! Madison, stop spraying Emily with a liquid!!!  Emma!!! Please no grinding against objects in a sexual nature while yelling in a military fashion!!!"

The school's report seems pretty damning and awesome, but some people associated with the school's cheer team say the claims are "Give me a 'B.' Give me an 'S.'"

A group of UCO parents and cheer athletes sent an appeal to the university Tuesday regarding the UCO cheer suspension, labeling the allegations as “false,” the group announced in a statement Wednesday.

The Vista obtained a copy of the statement from a cheer athlete, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“An appeal and formal request was sent to the University asking for a meeting to discuss the false allegations and mishandling of the UCO Cheer Hazing Investigations and Punishment handed down following a Team Bonding exercise in August 2020,” the statement said.

It is not clear which or how many cheer athletes and parents are represented within this group.

Geeze, I know UCO cheer athletes and parents want everyone to get the story straight and all that, but there's no need to be Buzz Killington here. Don't ruin the fun for the rest of us!

Anyway, I would say that for more details regarding this story to check back with The Lost Ogle, but let's be honest – The Vista staff is kicking our ass here. They're the breaking news authority for all UCO cheerleader news now. Stay with them. They'll keep you advised.

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