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Ogle Madness XIII

Ogle Madness: Northeast Region, Sweet 16

:Exaggerated Big Bopper Voice:


You know what that means! It's Sweet 16 time, and some of these candidates could end up wearing Chantilly Lace, and others could go down in a plane crash. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

You can view the updated Ogle Madness bracket here. We're tipping things off in the Northeast Region, which features battles between two mayors and a couple of small-town country girls

Let's get started:

(8) David Holt vs (12) Breea Clark
(2) Joleen Chaney vs (3) Reba McEntire

(8) David Holt

Last Round: Defeated (1) Joe Exotic 235 (52%) to 207 (47%) votes

Who: The Tall Cool Thin Young Moderate Mayor of Oklahoma City who takes front and center credit for everything good, but not as much bad, and is basically a tourism salesman for OKC.

Biggest Strength: Strong selfie powers, very good at using social media to let the national media know he’s doing good, important work, and that Oklahoma City is indeed a business-friendly, gentrifiedly-golden oasis.

Biggest Weakness: Constantly lamenting that the reasons he can’t achieve things citizens ask for is ‘Well, that’s not my job.”


(12) Breea Clark

Last Round: Defeated (4) Lu Dort 262 (59%) to 181 (41%) votes

Who: The youngest female mayor in Norman history.

Biggest Strength: Defeating the Unite Norman C.H.U.D.S. in an election recall attempt.

Biggest Weakness: The first thing that pops up on her LinkedIn is JCPenny.


(2) Joleen Chaney

Last Round: Defeated (10) Barbie Doll 355 (82%) to 78 (18%) votes

Who: KFOR evening anchor and Ogle Madness legend

Biggest Strength: One of the biggest bosses in Oklahoma newscasting

Biggest Weakness: Watermelon seeds



(3) Reba McEntire

Last Round: Defeated (6) Mike Morgan 294 (68%) to 141 (32%) votes

Who: Oklahoma’s reigning country music queen

Biggest Strength: Outside of her music, she was in motherfucking TREMORS and had a sitcom for four years.

Biggest Weakness: She had to play Colonel Sanders in a KFC commercial.


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