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Ogle Madness XIII: Western Region, Second Round

8:31 AM EDT on March 23, 2021

Your NCAA bracket is most definitely broken, but if you took the overdogs, your Ogle Madness XIII bracket is probably doing fine. Not too many upsets yet, but this thing is early and we've got plenty more action this week.

Here's this morning's contenders:

(1) Emily Sutton vs (8) Jim Inhofe
(4) Gwen Stefani vs (5) Pioneer Woman
(3) Cannibalistic Castrators vs (6) David Payne
(2) Lacey Swope vs (7) Spencer Rattler 

(1) Emily Sutton

Last Round: Defeated (16) Dana Plato’s Old RV 429 (81%) to 101 (19%)

Who: Oklahoma’s most beloved weatherperson

Biggest Strength: Can absolutely whip your ass in a triathlon

Biggest Weakness: Is probably too nice to actually fist fight you


(8) Jim Inhofe

Last Round: Defeated (9) James Lankford 288 (58%) to 209 (42%)

Who: Dinosaur Republican state senator

Biggest Strength: Longevity

Biggest Weakness: Critical Thinking



(4) Gwen Stefani

Last Round: Defeated (13) Chris West 426 (81%) to 101 (19%)

Who: International pop star who used to be in a ska band

Biggest Strength: When she’s at a spelling bee, she can ace the word ‘BANANAS’ every single time

Biggest Weakness: She moved from Orange County to Tishomingo



(5) Pioneer Woman

Last Round: Defeated (12) Oklahoma Logo 315 (60%) to 215 (40%)

Who: Oklahoma’s favorite homespun food blogger and television show host

Biggest Strength: Having an empire that stretches from blog to cookbooks to Teflon pans

Biggest Weakness: I’ve tried her cornbread recipe twice and it sucked



(3) Cannibalistic Castrators

Last Round: Defeated (14) Leslie NesSmith 412 (76%) to 131 (24%)

Who: Backwoods couple who made a business from cutting off other guys’ balls

Biggest Strength: Discovering the ultimate form of prairie oysters

Biggest Weakness: Their AIRBNB could use some sprucing up



(6) David Payne

Last Round: Defeated (11) Markwayne Mullin 423 (76%) to 131 (24%) votes

Who: News 9’s Chief Meteorologist

Biggest Strength: One of the biggest kings of the weather dongs

Biggest Weakness: Getting caught not wearing a mask in public



(2) Lacey Swope

Last Round: Defeated (15) Nathan Dahm 495 (91%) to 51 (9%) votes

Who: News 9 Weather personality

Biggest Strength: As long as she has her crossbow, she is fearless of 30-50 feral hogs

Biggest Weakness: Venison


(7) Spencer Rattler

Last Round: Defeated (10) Cade Cunningham 272 (51%) to 266 (49%) votes

Who: Starting QB for University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Arm strength and pinpoint accuracy

Biggest Weakness: Pocket awareness



Check back in for round 2 of the Midwestern Bracket this afternoon!

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