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Ogle Madness: Southeast Region, Second Round

We're moving along to the Southeast this afternoon. The only upset in this bracket was snow beating out ice, but that one was kinda a no-brainer. Here's your match-ups:

(1) Marla Morgan vs (8) Eskimo Joe's
(4) Lincoln Riley vs (5) Medical Marijuana
(3) Olivia Munn vs (6) Jabee
(2) Kelsey Kernstine vs (10) Snowpocalypse 2021


(1) Marla Morgan

Last Round: Defeated (16) ImageNet Consulting 474 (82%) to 103 (18%)

Who: A brave, elegant nurse, and a former Ogle Madness champion

Biggest Strength: Sending TLO cougar pics

Biggest Weakness: She can’t convince her husband into wearing sensible ties



(8) Eskimo Joe's

Last Round: Defeated (9) Swadley's BBQ 370 (64%) to 208 (36%)

Who: A restaurant from Stillwater that makes hamburgers and cheese fries

Biggest Strength: Selling branded t-shirts and plastic trophy cups

Biggest Weakness: Their mascot has some intense racist energy




(4) Lincoln Riley

Last Round: Defeated (13) Jeff Lowe 414 (72%) - 164 (28%)

Who: Head coach of the OU Sooners football team

Biggest Strength: Coaching QBs

Biggest Weakness: He’s got the hairline of a 40-year-old British techno DJ



(5) Medical Marijuana

Last Round: Defeated (12) Steve Lackmeyer 360 (62%) to 225 (38%)

Who: The booming new industry that lets us get the dank without going to some guy’s house that smells like cat pee and makes us listen to reggae

Biggest Strength: It’s legal weed, and the quality can be incredible now

Biggest Weakness: Munchies and panic attacks




(3) Olivia Munn

Last Round: Defeated (14) Aleksej Pokusevski 264 (60%) - 177 (40%)

Who: One of Oklahoma’s most famous and magnetic actresses

Biggest Strength: She was in a goddamn X-Men movie, that’s credentials enough

Biggest Weakness: Couldn’t make it work with QB Aaron Rogers



(6) Jabee

Last Round: Defeated (11) Stephanie Bice 319 (69%) - 140 (31%)

Who: Rapper, activist, jack of all trades

Biggest Strength: Not only can he spit bars, he walked 131 miles as an act of social justice to free Julius Jones

Biggest Weakness: His last album title was twelve words



(2) Kelsey Kernstine

Last Round: Defeated (15) Crazy Carol Hefner 374 (85%) - 68 (15%)

Who: News 9 morning traffic reporter

Biggest Strength: Helping people without the Internet prepare for their morning commute

Biggest Weakness: Donuts



(10) Snowpacalypse 2021

Last Round: Defeated (7) October Ice Storm 2020 301 (68%) to 140 (32%)

Who: The intense arctic event in mid-February that OG&E wasn’t prepared for

Biggest Strength: Blanketing the Oklahoma landscape with a winter wonderland

Biggest Weakness: Orphaned many robins



Vote to see who makes it to the Sweet 16, and we'll have some more brackets up for you tomorrow!

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