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Ogle Madness: Northeast Region, Second Round

9:03 AM EDT on March 22, 2021

The first round of Ogle Madness XIII is complete! After four days, 32 matches and approximately 15,000 votes from Lost Ogle readers, we're now on to Round 2, which will be played today and tomorrow in their respective host cities. You can view the updated bracket here.

Today's early morning tipoffs are from the Northeast Region. They include:

(1) Joe Exotic vs (8) David Holt
(4) Lu Dort vs (12) Breea Clark
(3) Reba McEntire vs (6) Mike Morgan
(2) Joleen Chaney vs. (10) Barbie Doll

Who will survive and advance? Who will go home and cry? Vote below.

(1) Joe Exotic

Last Round: Defeated (16) Oklahoma County Jail 343 (75%) - 115 (25%)

Who: If I have to explain the Tiger King to you, obviously you’ve either never been to The Lost Ogle or don’t have your parent’s Netflix account.

Biggest Strength: Becoming an international superstar for being the star of a documentary series about him abusing animals and trying to get somebody murdered and… well, it’s a lot, you all know.

Biggest Weakness: Being locked up in federal prison.


(8) David Holt

Last Round: Defeated (9) OKC City Council 309 (68%)  to 143 (32%)

Who: The Tall Cool Thin Young Moderate Mayor of Oklahoma City who takes front and center credit for everything good, but not as much bad, and is basically a tourism salesman for OKC.

Biggest Strength: Strong selfie powers, very good at using social media to let the national media know he’s doing good, important work, and that Oklahoma City is indeed a business-friendly, gentrifiedly-golden oasis.

Biggest Weakness: Constantly lamenting that the reasons he can’t achieve things citizens ask for is ‘Well, that’s not my job.”




(4) Lu Dort

Last Round: Defeated (13) Dusty Dvoracek 310 (69%)  - 137 (31%)

Who: Beloved young OKC Thunder player who has been exploding this season

Biggest Strength: Great defensive player who can put up some shots.

Biggest Weakness: He’s Canadian.


(12) Breea Clark

Last Round: Defeated (5) Emily Virgin 321 (59%) - 221 (41%)

Who: The youngest female mayor in Norman history.

Biggest Strength: Defeating the Unite Norman C.H.U.D.S. in an election recall attempt.

Biggest Weakness: The first thing that pops up on her LinkedIn is JCPenny.




(3) Reba McEntire

Last Round: Defeated (14) Kong's Tavern 289 (79%) - 79 (21%)

Who: Oklahoma’s reigning country music queen

Biggest Strength: Outside of her music, she was in motherfucking TREMORS and had a sitcom for four years.

Biggest Weakness: She had to play Colonel Sanders in a KFC commercial.


(6) Mike Morgan

Last Round: Defeated (11) Mike Gundy 241 (67%) - 118 (33%)

Who: News 4’s top meteorologist

Biggest Strength: Snazzy ties. Promotion.

Biggest Weakness: Freaking everybody out with exaggerated weather advice.



(2) Joleen Chaney

Last Round: Defeated (15) OKC Boulevard 270 (74%) to 97 (26%)

Who: KFOR evening anchor and Ogle Madness legend

Biggest Strength: One of the biggest bosses in Oklahoma newscasting

Biggest Weakness: Watermelon seeds


(10) Barbie Doll

Last Round: Defeated (7) Sarah Stitt 237 (65%) - 128 (35%)

Who: Oklahoma Rapper

Biggest Strength: Getting tens of thousands of views on YouTube of her videos without even having a record deal

Biggest Weakness: Rapping



Check back in this afternoon for round two from the Southeast Conference!

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