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Ogle Madness XIII: Western Region, Lower Bracket

Welcome back, friends! The tourney continues, and we've got some a few strange and sometimes villainous match-ups for you today. We're playing in Altus today. Tick your votes in and we'll see who makes it to the next round!

Your contestants:

(6) David Payne vs (11) Markwayne Mullin
(3) Cannibalistic Castrators vs (14) Leslie NesSmith
(7) Spencer Rattler vs (10) Cade Cunningham
(2) Lacey Swope vs (15) Nathan Dahm


(6) David Payne

Who: News 9's Chief Meteorologist

Biggest Strength: One of the biggest kings of the weather dongs

Biggest Weakness: Getting caught not wearing a mask in public


(11) Markwayne Mullin

Who: Classic Derplahoman congressperson

Biggest Strength: He can grow a patchy beard that resembles Chuck Norris's face mane

Biggest Weakness: Shits his pants when the rioters he helped rile up come for him



(3) Cannibalistic Castrators

Who: Backwoods couple who made a business from cutting off other guys' balls

Biggest Strength: Discovering the ultimate form of prairie oysters

Biggest Weakness: Their AIRBNB could use some sprucing up


(14) Leslie NesSmith

Who: Wacko Political Extremist from Edmond

Biggest Strength: Teaching others how to prepare for the next Civil War

Biggest Weakness: Couldn't even be radical enough to beat Stephanie Bice



(7) Spencer Rattler

Who: Starting QB for University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Arm strength and pinpoint accuracy

Biggest Weakness: Pocket awareness



(10) Cade Cunningham

Who: OSU point guard who is one of the best in the game

Biggest Strength: Probably gonna be the first pick in the next NBA draft

Biggest Weakness: His name sounds like it belongs in a naughty limerick



(2) Lacey Swope

Who: News 9 Weather personality

Biggest Strength: As long as she has her crossbow, she is fearless of 30-50 feral hogs

Biggest Weakness: Venison


(15) Nathan Dahm

Who: Leading Derplahoma Senator from Broken Arrow

Biggest Strength: Writing pandering, attention-getting right-wing legislation

Biggest Weakness: Probably has a small penis



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