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Ogle Madness: Southeastern Region, Lower Bracket

We're back this afternoon with the rest of the Southeastern Bracket. There are a few heavyweights, but as always with Ogle Madness, you can't rule out the dark horses. Stranger things have happened, so vote with your gut and may the best player win.

These matchups are all being played in Idabel:

(6) Jabee vs (11) Stephanie Bice
(3) Olivia Munn vs (14) Aleksej Pokusevski
(7) October Ice Storm 2020 vs (10) Snowpacalypse 2021
(2) Kelsey Kernstine vs (15) Crazy Carol Hefner


(6) Jabee

Who: Rapper, activist, jack of all trades

Biggest Strength: Not only can he spit bars, he walked 131 miles as an act of social justice to free Julius Jones

Biggest Weakness: His last album title was twelve words


(11) Stephanie Bice

Who: Hypocritical OK 5th District Congressional Representative

Biggest Strength: Staying firm in uniting the MAGA camp

Biggest Weakness: IPAs



(3) Olivia Munn

Who: One of Oklahoma's most famous and magnetic actresses

Biggest Strength: She was in a goddamn X-Men movie, that's credentials enough

Biggest Weakness: Couldn't make it work with QB Aaron Rogers


(14) Aleksej Pokusevski

Who: 19-year-old Serbian rookie for the OKC Thunder

Biggest Strength: Second youngest player to hit five 3-pointers in an NBA game, after LeBron James

Biggest Weakness: He looks like he's never been outside in his entire life




(7) October Ice Storm 2020

Who: The intense ice storm in Late-October that OG&E wasn't prepared for

Biggest Strength: Knocking out power for hundreds of thousands of people for two weeks or more

Biggest Weakness: Couldn't at least deliver a pleasant amount of fluffy snow that we could enjoy



(10) Snowpacalypse 2021

Who: The intense arctic event in mid-February that OG&E wasn't prepared for

Biggest Strength: Blanketing the Oklahoma landscape with a winter wonderland

Biggest Weakness: Orphaned many robins



(2) Kelsey Kernstine

Who: News 9 morning traffic reporter

Biggest Strength: Helping people without the Internet prepare for their morning commute

Biggest Weakness: Donuts


(15) Crazy Carol Hefner

Who: Rich white wannabe OKC socialite

Biggest Strength: Making insane nut-job right-wing rants on Facebook

Biggest Weakness: Sliding into people's DM's



Vote for your picks. We'll be back tomorrow with the Western Conference!

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