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Ogle Madness: Southeast Region, Upper Bracket

Time to kick off the next section of the Ogle Madness XIII, today we'll be voting on the Southeast section. We're gonna have some weird match-ups, but there are plenty of sleeper picks that could take it all the way.

Either way, feelings will be hurt, and we're here for the bloodbath. Let's get to the contenders:

(1) Marla Morgan vs (16) ImageNet Consulting
(8) Eskimo Joes vs (9) Swadley's BBQ
(4) Lincoln Riley vs (13) Jeff Lowe
(5) Medical Marijuana vs (12) Steve Lackmeyer

(1) Marla Morgan

Who: A brave, elegant nurse, and a former Ogle Madness champion

Biggest Strength: Sending TLO cougar pics

Biggest Weakness: She can't convince her husband into wearing sensible ties


(16) ImageNet Consulting

Who: An OKC based 'technology company'

Biggest Strength: Trying to rip off the stimulus checks from employees

Biggest Weakness: Walking back trying to rip off the stimulus checks from employees




(8) Eskimo Joes

Who: A restaurant from Stillwater that makes hamburgers and cheese fries

Biggest Strength: Selling branded t-shirts and plastic trophy cups

Biggest Weakness: Their mascot has some intense racist energy


(9) Swadley's BBQ

Who: A local BBQ chain that slings ribs and brisket

Biggest Strength: Catering GOP Events

Biggest Weakness: Only 4 stars on Yelp, they could pick it up a notch




(4) Lincoln Riley

Who: Head coach of the OU Sooners football team

Biggest Strength: Coaching QBs

Biggest Weakness: He's got the hairline of a 40-year-old British techno DJ


(13) Jeff Lowe

Who: The conny guy who stole the zoo from Joe Exotic

Biggest Strength: Abusing animals

Biggest Weakness: Losing Joe Exotic's zoo




(5) Medical Marijuana

Who: The booming new industry that lets us get the dank without going to some guy's house that smells like cat pee and makes us listen to reggae

Biggest Strength: It's legal weed, and the quality can be incredible now

Biggest Weakness: Munchies and panic attacks


(12) Steve Lackmeyer

Who: Longtime writer for The Oklahoman

Biggest Strength: Can tell you anything you want to know about any old building Downtown. Also, a soup expert

Biggest Weakness: Not a very good art critic



Tune in later this afternoon for the Southeast Lower Bracket!

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