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Oklahoma Lawmaker Sorry He Said “Colored Babies” on House Floor

9:49 AM EST on March 10, 2021

The guy pictured above who looks like he's used a wide variety of words over the years to describe Blacks, Latinos and other minority groups is Oklahoma State Representative Brad Boles.

Last night, he apologized to constituents and colleagues after he used the phrase "colored babies" while debating yet another series of unconstitutional anti-abortion bills making their way through the Oklahoma legislature.

The comment was made as Boles – a hardcore conservative – tried to twist the Black Lives Matter movement as a reason for abortion to be banned in Oklahoma.

Here's a transcript of the quote:

"In 2017, 862,000 babies were aborted. 28% of those babies were colored babies. 240,000 Black kids, 215,000 Hispanic kids. These kids mattered and I'm here to advocate for them as well."

I also recorded a video of the incident from the Oklahoma house website. When you watch it, pay attention to the "Did He Really Just Say That?" reactions from Lost Ogle Show alumni State Rep. Emily Virgin and State Rep Monroe Nichols.

Geeze. Does the pandering from Oklahoma politicians ever stop? I know a lot of the right-wing, stick-it-to-the-libs, racists who voted for Boles probably get a kick out of hearing their state representative use that type of language – especially while defending the rights of unrecognizable embryos they call "babies" – but that crosses a line. If he's going to use racist words, at least save them for the campaign meet n' greets and militia meetings like most other rural Oklahoma politicians!

Although Boles made the remark while reading directly from notes, he was quick to apologize and chalk it up to a "slip of the tongue."

Yeah, "he would never intentionally say anything to offend someone," says the dude who's disrespecting women and intelligent people by referring to undeveloped embryos and fetuses as "babies" while arguing for the government to tell women what they can or can not do to their own bodies. Nice to know.

For what it's worth, the apology was accepted by Rep. Nichols:

Not surprisingly, using dated-language from the Jim Crow era wasn't the only stupid thing Boles said. The Tulsa World mentioned this in their article about the incident:

The discussion took an unexpected turn when, Rep. Brad Boles, R-Marlow, tripped over his own words while trying to describe abortions involving people of color and called the fetuses “colored babies.” The flustered Boles also asserted that New York allows abortion “after birth,” which it clearly does not.

Aborting a child after birth? Granted, I'm not a simpleton who uses phrases like "colored babies" while debating abortion, but I'm pretty sure once a child is born, aborting the fetus is impossible. What's next? Boles introducing a law that will make it illegal to murder a dead man?

Anyway, I guess we'll follow these anti-abortion bills as they make their way through the legislature, get signed into law, and then (hopefully) get defeated in the courts. We'll also let you know if any lawmakers use racist language while defending these bills.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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