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“Religious Freedom” may finally be on its way to Oklahoma!

10:07 AM EST on February 16, 2021

After years and years of oppression from a Government controlled and operated by Christians, religious freedom may finally be coming to Oklahoma.

Primarily authored by Sen. David Bullard, Senate Bill 368—better known as the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act—would basically “prohibit any governmental entity from declaring or deeming a religious institution and any activity directly related to its mission as nonessential.”

In layman’s terms, the Government can’t tell the church to go to Hell in their proceedings, as if this Right-leaning state ever would.

From KFOR:

“In our Constitution, the prohibition of Congress to make laws against religious establishments is on the government to stay out of our faith. The fact that many churches, nation and statewide, were essentially and unconstitutionally shut down or threatened must be addressed and our freedoms must be protected,” Bullard said. “It is essential that we don’t allow nonessential governments to render our faith and freedom as nonessential.”

I wonder if Dave feels the same way about Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Rastafarians and even Satanists that want to lend a hand in a crisis or, at the very most, a cloven hoof?


As many of us that have grown up in Oklahoma—or have read The Oklahoman—there has lately been a divisive nature between God and the national government; but, if anything, they have gotten along quite well in these parts…almost too well. Maybe Dave wrote this bill to stop any type of futuristic slights that might occur. Either way, as we’ve seen before both locally and nationally, when churches get involved in government, the results can be quite profane and often ludicrous.

And before someone comments “There goes the anti-Christian Lost Ogle again, knocking on Christians! Christ!” let me reiterate that I do consider myself to be, possibly, the lone Christian on the TLO staff. But, instead of trying to keep up consistently separate people the way many Oklahoman Christians do, I believe in a just and loving God that is very inclusive to all, no matter what religion and should be worshiped as such.

(Except Satanists. Those guys kind of bug me, ever since I came home to find blood smeared on my walls six or seven years ago, but that’s a whole other story…)

Honestly, though, I was wanting to give Bullard, who is a deacon at his church, the benefit of the doubt, until I saw on his Oklahoma Senate page that he is on the executive board of Patriots Ministries which, honestly, scares me a little bit more than if he were a Satanist.

I mean, we all know what “Patriots” translates to in Oklahoma, right?


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