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Surprise! Kevin Stitt still refuses to follow own public health advice.

On Saturday night, an Ogle Mole sent me this pic of Kevin Stitt watching one of his kids play basketball at Solid Rock Basketball – a basketball complex located in the heart of Edmond.

As usual, the photo appears to show the Governor flouting his own public safety advice, and failing to social distance and properly wear a mask...

Since we already know Kevin Stitt doesn't like to wear a mask or social distance, does that mean it's safe to assume he also doesn't like to wash his hands? Actually, considering he wears the mask over his chin, I bet he's the type who holds them under the water faucet for a few seconds, says the first five letters of the A-B-C's, and then dries them off on the back of his khakis.

In addition to failing to follow his own public health advice, Stitter also ignored the facility's rules:

If Stitt really wants to watch basketball while not wearing a mask, he should enroll his kids at Community Christian in Norman! He'll fit right in!

Anyway, the people on Twitter seemed to enjoy shaming the Governor, so I figured our fans who actually click and read our articles would, too. Please properly shame in the comments.


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